Sunday, January 15, 2012

Funny Things Blogs-

I have the flu. My last bout of flu was Feb. 20, 2011...haha...I have a journal now and can look stuff up. Hot diggity. This is the first time I have actually done that. What follows is a pity party of epic proportions.

1. Low grade fever Thursday and Friday but I could function on drugs. Saturday and Sunday the real fevers began. I hit 103 last night. This morning it was 99 now I am sitting on 101. I have taken my liquid Alieve but I only get two doses a day so David has gone to the other house for Ibuprofen. Thankfully with the unfill a few weeks ago I can take pills. When he comes back I will dose myself again and hope my fever goes down again. I had a flu shot...obviously the strain that picked on me came from somewhere else.

2. We are moving still. We have now officially switched our beds and sleeping to the new place however with me in the bed...I am not participating in any of the work. As a result we had a fridge delivered today that did not fit in the space. It blocks a cupboard door. I was in my bed sniffling and moaning in feverishness. They left it and Cinda told me to come down and look a couple of hours later....I called the delivery service and they will be retrieving it on Wednesday. Both the sales guy and delivery woman asked if I was ill (obviously I sound like crap). They were very nice.

3. Other than the fridge fiasco David, Cinda, Nichole and Grant have been nice to me. I have had coffees retrieved and delivered to my bed. I have had meals made and soups purchased at the grocery store. Furniture delivered. Grant even snuggled for a few hours in bed with me. I really hope I got this from him and did not infect him when we did this. David, Nichole and Grant have risked my infection but everyone else comes in with their nose covered and leave as quickly as they can. I can't say I blame them. This sucks mightily.


Update: David delivered Ibuprofin. I took fever is dropping...hooray!!!!


Justine said...

Sorry to hear you're in the grips of the dreaded lurgy. Hope the drugs kick in soon. Are you going to post some photos of your new house soon? I'm excited to see them. Any more yarn shops plans to share?

Lynda said...

everyone around here has been sick, too. blech!

Rachel said...

feel better hun!! xx

Amanda Kiska said...

Feel better!