Monday, January 16, 2012

The Great Plague of 2012 Recap :)

Ok you are going to have to deal with my random mind dump. I could number I do a lot lately...I could edit and make them into nice sentences or paragraphs. but nah..I am going to barf on this box.

My fever finally finished itself last night round about 1am. I was sick of bed and sick of being sick so of course couldn't sleep until 3am. I am still snotty but at least I feel like getting up. I need to get up and get myself to coffee as no one is home to do it for me. David does not get MLK day off and Grace slept over at a friends. While awake last night I finally was spooked by all of the new house noises that I was too sick to be spooked by when we moved over here. We have actually purchased a home near a restaurant dumpster. Last night was bottle night!!! Crazy. My next door neighbor had a friend leave at 3am...I heard the door bang and car start. I finally went and looked out Graces window to see the car pull away. I heard the heater kick on a few times. My computer is really a noisy clicker in the silence of the house. Oh..and at 2am I reorganized my pinterest clothing board (have any of you found this coolarific time waster yet?).

I am starting a new paragraph because it seems right:

When I first got sick something very NSV happened. My oldest daughter called and when I answered she you sound like yourself four years ago. weird..apparently I was so tired in my overweight status four years ago that I answered the phone like I was in the middle of a feverish flu...That sounds about right actually. Sad...but right.

Ok..recap over. I am pulling my carcass out of this bed, getting dressed, and going for coffee. I have stuff to do.



Lonicera said...

Good ol' Starbucks to the rescue!!

Lyla said...

I'm glad you're finally better. I have so far escaped the sickness this school year, but if this year is like most, I'll feel like death right at the start of the spring semester (so first week of February).