Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Give me a D for dehydrated.

it is 12:29 and I am awake again. I will sleep soon but I am sooo thirsty I could suck up a gallon. I have been disturbing my husband for the last hour and a half running back and forth to the bathroom to drink. I cannot just drink in bed as the water needs me up-right a little to slip down the pipes. Obviously a combination of post illness and period dehydration is in the works. I am grateful that my thirsty sensor is working though.

I discovered today that my daughters and I are once again in sync hormonally and it appears (through attitude and zits) that my 10 year old will follow soon. I surmised today that not only do women who are close-knit share hormonal cycles but could they perhaps suck a mom who is desperate to just jump over the menopause line and be done with it back from that oh so desirable place. I seem to have been at this in-between place much too long (at least 4 years now). I seem to suffer most of the mentioned side effects except the one I most desire..yup...no more red-tide, mary's gift...I am sure there are many more euphemisms to choose from. Instead of the lack of it...I have night sweats, hot flashes, grouch, tired, memory loss, instead of no tide..I get high tide :).

On another note my oldest daughter and grandson came by and visited today. She is coming down with the plague...I hope she is OK. My grandson is a very cute little man among all of us women. He had a stuffed snowman with him today that he was trying to name. He went from snowy to Mr. Flower and back again. My grandson likes to look good, play pretend and name his things in a very girly like way (which I find so similar to my daughter). There is however this aggressive/active boy aspect to him that always surprises me. Poor Mr. flower was whipped to death like a helicopter as we walked along the side-walk and the shirt that my grandson was thrilled (ok really he demanded it) to wear today got used as a napkin for turkey salad and honey goat yogurt. I am sure some of this noticing I do is just my inexperience with having anything to do with boy children, some is the sheer girly influence he gets from his mom, three aunties and grandma. and some is just him and his unique only grandson cuteness :)

We purchased a replacement fridge tonight and bought a couple of comfy chairs for David and I...They are not much to look at but I decided I am finally old enough to go with comfort over fashion...(queue in dramatic music here). We also moved my clothes over to the new place and forgot the @$$%@$^@$@ scale.

I know I am back down at goal but that was BP (before plague). I am hoping for a touch of wiggle room now only I cannot do my daily weigh in because idiot that I am I keep forgetting to bend over, lift scale, carry to car, move to new house. arck...

Happy Tuesday.

Happy Tuesday.


Sam said...

I am sure a small period of time without your scale will do you good, just don't do what I did and use it as an excuse to eat whatever you want :p

Glad to hear you are feeling a little better :o)

Lyla said...

Your grandson sounds adorable.

What kind of comfy chair do you have? A LazyBoy? Because those are some comfy (ugly) comfy chairs.

Amanda Kiska said...

Moving is hell and you've sure had your share of it lately! I hope you can get settled for good, scale and all.

Your grandson sounds adorable!

I'm not ready to talk about 10-year-olds and periods yet.

Ronnie said...

No scale is a good thing! (Says the scale-whore.)

Your grandson sounds like a cutie pie, my little guys are a touch girly with their naming and the way they speak sometimes, but they are ALL boy!

I think it's interesting/AWESOME how there aren't clear cut gender lines like when I was growing up. If a boy played with Barbies he was a sissy, or if he got hurt, rub some dirt in it. Blah. Allowing their personalities to shine through is so much more fun. :)