Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Comes Around Again-

I am still sleeping my brains out all night and day. Last night I went to bed at just after midnight and woke up at noon. (I know I is tough for me eh?)...the problem is that sleeping for almost 12 hours every night is just plain old unproductive. Sure it might be the result of being sick or not enough iron in my diet. I am continuing to work on the iron thing and the sick thing..well I am still quite stuffy.

Grace is now sick too (thankfully she didn't get the fever part just a couple of days of tummy upset and today the stuffiness hit her. We are a couple of miserable people sleeping and going out for coffee (she is drinking stuff minus the coffee part). Both of us had lunch at Starbucks with our 'coffee' this morning.

We came home and did a bit of talking about a book she is reading and a show we both watched on television (Midsomer murders) and then I had to go off to teach my two classes this evening.

Classes went fine (although I have a big gap is knowledge and comfort among one of my classes). After class I popped over to visit my uncle in rehab and he was in a wheel chair getting ready to go for a little walk about (So much progress lately). He is also very snappy in our conversations right now. I am so happy that he is doing better but he still has to wait for surgery in a month or two before he will be allowed to go home.

I then came the upheaval of the new house (stuff plopped down everywhere). David came home from work to hang out with Grace while I went off and he didn't get a chance to do anything more as he had a meeting and computer-y stuff to do from home this evening.

I got home at 10:30 pm and David made me an cheesy egg and then some popcorn (yum) as I was still starving.

The scale says: It bounced back up to 164 shortly after the 162 drop and then I have 'forgot' to get on the thing since (I was too busy sleeping). Soo..I have no idea what I weigh right now but my tummy is hungry. I am trying to get back into my night time protein smoothy but the move, new term and sickness has me all messed up schedule-wise.

Tomorrows goals:

get up sooner
take my aunt for a Pedicure
Get Grace to knitting and actually knit while she does.
Pick up Grant and hang out while we wait for Nichole to get out of class.
Get Grace onto some math.


Jacquie said...

You are a very busy lady!

Ronnie said...

You ARE a busy lady. I sleep 10-12 hours when I can! (Sometimes I have a huge sleep debt for nights when I go out with boys.) And I'm sure the late nights you've been having has given you one, too.

I love what a well-balanced daughter you're raising, I hope my boys enjoy my company as much when they get to be her age. :)