Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Silver Lining

1. I'm still sick. Mostly tired-and not getting our stuff moved and have to go teach...and I'm really unmotivated and want to go back to bed...Sniff... :)

2. Even though I had a melt down last night (not pretty) because everything I tried to do lead to something I couldn't do because bits of it were at the old house and I didn't want to go move anything from the old house....David went to the old house and picked up a bunch of stuff. In this stuff he got our beloved scale. I got to weigh myself this morning. (you did read that correctly...that was a GOT to). I don't hate my scale. She is my friend. She keeps me on track and rewards me when I am good...and been sick.

3. So finally I have gotten to the silver lining. all time low has been re-reached.

4. In all areas my mood is still foul...

5. is there an icon for foulness?...I cannot really click x and o's today :(


Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Well, congrats on the silver lining and I hope you feel better soon!

Linda said...

Sorry you're still feeling crappy. Moving is not the time to get sick, but 162 is pretty awesome.

Amanda Kiska said...