Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Scale Has Unsticked...Unstuck?

Well, well, well-the scale as of today finally unsticked...or unstuck? I am sure neither is grammatically correct but regardless I am now down to 242...just one glorious pound below that evil sticky number 243.

While stuck at 243 and for the moment (I am learning never to say I have definitively learned anything when it comes to food) my head seems to have moved to a new and vary unusual place for me. I am now not concerned about food. It has been coming on for a few days-briefly last week when I discovered that I had only eaten 700ish calories in the day and gradually until now when I find I would rather drink or do anything else than eat. It might have something to do with the heat so I am not going to say my drive to eat food is over for good but I will tell you about yesterday as a prime example of this whole thing.

So yesterday was the 4th of July. We being the crazed idiots that we are said it was OK for our contractors who did not finish installing our hard wood floor last weekend came back to finish the job. This time three guys came and in tandem installed our bamboo floor and tiled my new kitchen. They were supposed to be done and packed at 4 in order for our guests to arrive at 5. Well guests came early and the contractors worked late so by the time the party started I had men working on tiling my kitchen and my husband making food in the backyard and using the barbecue for a stove but lets take this back to the topic I started with-

Breakfast-I woke up dying for caffeine so I walked in my normal zombie way out to the garage where our old refrigerator holds drinks and kitchen overflow. I took my breakfast Diet Coke for my morning email and blog prowl. I am no longer hungry in the mornings so the Diet Coke was enough.

Lunch-I finally got hungry around 1:30 (this was after my daughters Grace and Cinda (age 7 and 19) rode their bikes in the pre-neighborhood parade cycle and parade-viewing) I walked the 1/2 mile to and from the parade location and home. When I got home I ate 1 dill pickle spear and 2 bites of a huge toasted meatloaf sandwich i brought home in a doggy bag on Tuesday. I threw the rest away and went back to work getting ready for the party.

Dinner-We had quite the variety of meats, side dishes, chips, cookies, drinks, etc. at the potluck party available. Normally this array would send me off into foody heaven...Ahh I love potato salad, burgers, hotdogs, chips...ahhh summer picnic food!! but not this year- I spent the first two hours drinking one diet coke and a couple of glasses of expertly crafted sangria (from my friend Suzi's husband Phillip). and then about the time everyone had finished their food I decided it was time to eat something. My daughter made chicken tenders chopped finely in barbque sauce(yummy and very band friendly). I had 1/4 cup of the saucy chicken, a small spoonful of potato salad (also yummy and from Suzi), 2 Doritos. That was enough-I felt it hit bottom and stopped for about a half hour and then had 1.5 small brownies. More drinking (water included) and then about midnight after all of the fireworks shows etc. My daughter cracked into an apple pie she made. We and the remaining guests had a small piece of pie. Mine was about 1inch at its widest part of the wedge. It was more than enough.

Yipppeeee finally I am not driven by food. I imbibe and then walk away. I hope this is a new place for me and not just some busy induced blip in time. Instead of watching the clock for meals I have noticed I wait until I feel a little dizzy before heading to the kitchen. Oddly my stomach doesn't growl at all...

I have to say that this is what I envisioned the band to be---I do not know if this is really what it is supposed to be like but I will take it even for just a few weeks!

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