Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ready for the Fill Already!!

I had been on a foodie-bender so to speak since last week when my stomach opened and I was suddenly able to eat naughty foods. Compared to pre-band days and probably at Christmas time I am being very good but when comparing it to last month I have been very very bad.

I still cannot fathom why I am soo open. Sure I have lost some weight but I am fluctuating around the same 240-243 pounds and not really tightening up just floating around.

I had a little mishap with a hamburger (yep you read it HAMBURGER). I ate 2/3 of one. I enjoyed the hell out of it. About a half-hour later my stomach did a huge reject of the thing and i spend several minutes in a swimming pool bathroom desperately trying to quietly(yeah not easy) expel the bite that I swallowed too quickly in my excitement.

I cannot really eat a large amount of food at any time at least not any more than I could before (still 1/2 a cup) but I can now sit that half a cup out and eat more in between 5-15 minutes. I have tried to eat things that i know will stick longer (things that normally I would just hurl when I am tight). I have had untoasted sandwiches but made them and put half in the fridge before I ate it. The sandwiches seem to last the best. I have had some salad (but very cautiously) and been OK. You already heard about the hamburger.

Tonight I went to the movies again (Harry Potter was excellent!). It has been about 3 weeks since I went to the Greek chick flick movie. When I went to that one I could only eat 1/2 cup of popcorn and my diet coke moved through slowly. Tonight I knocked back a medium diet coke and then chased it with 1/2 a small bag of popcorn.

I am convinced it is time for a fill (how many more posts do you think it will really take!!) but I am scared at the same time that I will tighten up on my own and be in big trouble...or worse yet that something has malfunctioned.....

it is fine... it is fine... you just lost fat around your band... it is fine...I will keep saying this until I talk to the nurse practitioner on Wednesday.


Lonicera said...

Sounds like your stomach has shrunk a bit and the band is loose - it'll be interesting to see what they say when you go in for a fill.

chicroses said...

Hi, I went into contacts to find your e-mail address and cant find it..cant figure out why its not there. I never delete anything..anyway..John had lots of hair. She is so much fun. That is to funny about Grant not scared of Nicole shirt.
I have started scrap booking. Making a pic album for hattie..didnt know it was so much fun. Spendy also!
Wanted to tell you about Jims SIL Anna getting gastric bypass..She is doing really well. She Said I think has lost 40lbs. She lost 20 of it before surgery.Had to drink slim fast. She can start eating solid food on the 28th. Had it done in spokane.
Yes your mom has been sending pics over. Oh so many memories. I do remember taking you out to grandmas flowers and you smelling them..there is a pic of you doing that in that cute drop waist dress grandma made. Send my your e-mail address. Sally