Monday, July 13, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday I was tight during the day. So tight I could not keep an attempted early lunch or later reattempted lunch down. My morning scale read around 242 By dinner my stomach seemed to open up and at a Red Robin dinner I had a cup of taco soup (out of fear), a bite of my husbands steak slider, 1/4 cup of coleslaw and 4 frenchfries and then a small package of red vines on the drive home (I could feel the food slip right through my band right after I ate it).

This morning I woke up, weighed in at 240 exactly and was open as wide as wide could be. I was soooooo hungry today-all day. I ate like a crazy person desperately trying to maintain some sense of control. I had my morning Diet Coke, by 10 my stomach was rumbling. I had a slice of cheese, at 11:30 I had 1/2 a toasted cheese sandwich then at 1 some chips with more said cheese. I searched for snacks all afternoon succumbing to three rich tea biscuits, two rice krispie treats, more cheese. By 5:30 I was starving again and had a piece of pizza and then a protein bar. Finally this evening I am eating a bowl of shredded wheat. arghghgghghg and my stomach is screaming in hunger. It is driving me crazy. I can feel each bit pass through the band minutes after I eat it.

It is funny because yesterday as I puked my two lunches up I moaned to myself that life wasn't fair and I might need an unfill or perhaps eat liquids only during the day and the voila today I am scared to death that my band has popped or something because the food is going through so easily.

By 1pm when i was hungry again (1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich always lasts me until 5pm when I have a good fill). I called the surgeons office for a fill appointment. They could not make one because i have to talk to someone special and that person was obviously out because I got no call back.

Tomorrow i am at the university for a work day and because i don't have time to eat when I am there I will hopefully undo the damage I have probably done today. I will probably regain the 2-3 pounds and tighten up again. I think I am going to have to white knuckle it for the next week or two and try and get a little distance below 240 so I can take a fill and hopefully progress down into the 230's :) such a lovely number that! :)

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