Sunday, July 12, 2009


I have had a few bouts with my hair falling out. I have a lot of hair and along with my daughters we have always had a problem with shedding (lots of clogged showers and tubs) however post-surgery I have had it come out in handfuls three times. The first two were in the weeks after each surgery (band installation and port fix). Apparently this is expected following surgeries due to some hair shedding alignment that occurs following anesthesia.

Well-it has been a considerable amount of time since my port fix and I am pulling hair out of my head like crazy. i just ran my fingers through my itchy hair (it gets itchy when it falls out) and I am pulling out multiple clumps of 5-10 hairs with each pass. I just created a pile of hair that I will need to run into the garbage can. I swept my new hardwood floor (still make me happy to say that!) and created debris pile piled high with my hair. Mine is distinct from everyone else in the house as they have mousy brown and mine is black-and located around my chair!!

Now I like my hair-I have about four body parts I like on myself (boobs, feet, lips and hair) and I am not sure sacrificing my hair for weight-loss is OK at this point. especially since I am now swinging around the 240-243 cycle (today 242) I have already had to go from two twists of my big pony tail holders to three in order to hold my hair up. and my daughters have started picking hair off of my clothes (not just one of two but 5 minutes of picking in order to make me presentable to go out the door). My daughters swear they cannot see scalp yet but I am getting a little nervous. I guess it is time to pump up the protein or go get some rogaine!!

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