Thursday, July 23, 2009

Halfway to Goal

It took me until this evening to go in and change the ticker I use on my Obesity help avatar. I found, when I was done, that I am halfway to goal!! 67 pounds gone and 67 yo go (wooohoooo). I have set my goal at 170 at this point. That weight is what I weighed for most of high school (except during 2 weeks when I made it down to 160 and promptly gained it all back).

If I make it to 170 and still feel like I have more in me I will alter my goal and keep on going to 150. 150 is what the insurance companies want me to weigh.

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Reddirt Woman said...

Tina I think that you are awesome to have lost 67 pounds... halfway point. And what do the insurance companies know anyway? Do they do what we'd like them to do? Heck, no. I think what we each need to do is get to the place where we feel great, set the goals that are feasible for us. You, as you say, can always re-examine them after you get there. Don't go changing in the middle of the stream.

You get an "Atta boy, Girl!" from me today.