Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Thankyou to the Scheduler

Well the irritation and stress from yesterday and probably poor eating speed and chewing meant that I did not do so well with keeping food down. I had to do a little spitting after breakfast, had a pb at lunch and finally lost dinner altogether when I got a small piece of hamburger (lean ground cooked in non-patty form at home) stuck.

This morning I finally cracked 240 and am down to 237. I will take it and do my best to keep eating the way I should.

I got through to the scheduler and she claimed that she made the appointment and it was correct and had been that way all along (just crap because I had a whole conversation about the two weeks I was out of town)...I am still kicking myself for not checking two weeks ago.

But--it is still apparent I have some restriction. I am fully capable of controlling myself for the 2-3 weeks I have to wait. I am going to do my best to lose more weight while I wait.

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