Friday, July 31, 2009

Its Friday.........

Class is still good but it is the weekend. My husband and youngest are coming over here and we are going to do a little relaxing in the high desert. It is probably the closest we will get for a vacation this summer so I am going to do my best to enjoy it.

After class today we had to clean out the classroom in case someone else needed the room for the weekend. As a result my hotel room has a wooden ball track from floor to ceiling leaning next to the bed, a desk top copy machine, a box full of cords, projector, document reader, video camera etc. sitting in one corner, my rolling bag of supplies under the sink, a box full of our snack on the end of the bed, my overstuffed backpack and purse also on the bed, and a case of water also under the sink.

When David and Grace arrive they are going to come with my scale (I am dying to know if I lost anything), their bedding, clothes...eeeeeek I'm scared.

I have a hotel problem. I like them to stay tidy. At home I can take mess (I think it is years of conditioning) but in the sanctuary of my hotel room I arrive, unpack and hang my clothes, iron any shirts and hang them, put my stuff away when I am done with it. My only concession to messiness is that I always sleep with papers or my backpack on the half of the bed im not sleeping on (easier to pick back up in the morning for more work).

David and Grace have a hotel problem..They like the throw their clothes, toys, laptops, underwear, name it they throw it...on the floor. I know that in one day my sanctuary will be a garbage dump. I try to stay on top of them and it but my stress always increases in a hotel room with the mess. ack I can feel my shoulders stiffening by just typing this.....breatheeeee their company is more important then the mess........Sometimes I wonder if I should have remained childless and single. :) I am sure we will have fun despite the messiness.

Food-I was a tad more open today but did not really have time to eat. I did just down some coconut flavored M and m's...they were tasty (mounds in tiny niblets).

1/2 chicken and cheese sandwich (minus crust)
1/2 cup potato salad (170)
1 oz cheese (110)
1 100 calorie yogurt (100)
11 doritos (150 calories)
1 bag of M & m's (210)

total 740 calories of mostly crap...I will probably have something more tonight...hungry now but will drink first.

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