Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wohoooooooooooooo I Weigh the Same as my Husband :)

Today I am officially 235-woooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooo. We did lots of walking yesterday and of course the exercise probably did the trick. I also bought some more protein powder (left mine at home) and a bottle thingy that has a shaker inside (like a wire whisk). I take two scoops of the powder, 2 cups of water and shake-a-shake. It is then drinkable. I have chocolate caramel. 21 grams per scoop and 120 calories per cup. I doubled it because I had such little protein in the last week.

There is more to say but I will try and blog more tomorrow.



chicroses said...

Just goofing around so decided to check out your blog. Wow you are doing great on your weight loss.I think I have to start WW again. Sandy is talking about going this fall.
Anna my SIL had gastric bypass to loose weight 1st of july in spokane. She had to drink slim fast for 2 wks and she lost 20lb. Now I guess she is down 5olbs..but she hasnt been able to eat solid foods. Now she is.
Been going through boxes trying to put stuff away..this move has been so hard on me..I have to much stuff. But I cant part with it.
So you are in oregon..I havent seen anyone. Sandy has been gone. Linda I havent seen for a month. I talk to your mom alot.
I need to go add another post to my blog..Im lazy...Sally

Lonicera said...

Well done Tina!!! A milestone. Will you be putting up some pictures some time?
Many congratulations.

Nola said...

Fantastic!!! I know I was absolutely ecstatic when I weighed the same as Ricky:)