Monday, August 17, 2009

Captain Gynecologist...Away

So I went and saw this woman of wonder. She talked (in a very too much information kind of way). She observed (in almost a very invasive under a microscope way). and although it was exceedingly uncomfortable when she gave me a thorough (and I do really mean thorough) digit exam. I now have started the wheels of a solution for my problem.

so now the dilemma-do I remain cryptic or do I just launch into the dirty details of the whole thing. I tend towards honesty and details but when I was faced today with a gynecologist who does the same I was exceedingly uncomfortable. I am going to leave this here and if you, my readers want more information just ask and I shall provide. I have managed to purge via verbal communication with my husband who definitely thought it was all too much information for him and do not really need to type it all up for my sanity :)...I will however provide the details to you, Andrea, on the phone if you want them as I have recommended this woman to you.

Cutting the the chase I am getting old. I am not unusual. Either my birth control device is no longer working to control my out of control hormones or there is something further wrong that she will find in an ultrasound scheduled for Thursday. In either case, after the ultra sound, I will schedule day surgery at my local hospital for either an ablation or surgery to fix the problem. I got the dirty details on how this surgery would go..but I will also save that unless requests are provided.

Apparently this ablation thing is GP recommends it, and the gyno does too...unless....the other possible complications...shudder ewww shudder :)

On a positive note-I did shed another pound today. I do have two medically related (no doctor involved) appointments tomorrow. One to do my blood work and data providing for the research study I am participating in (band study). After that I then have a fill appointment (no I have not managed to get a fill since the first part of June). I am still not sure if I need one and I guess I will discuss this dilemma with the nurse and also discuss the fact that it took me more than a month to get in to see her and how this makes me afraid not to get a fill because it will be two months waiting if I decide i need one later.

Finally, apparently, I have a mammogram to thoughts are with the Teacher and Helen on this one!! I think a pink mum is a beautiful idea.

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