Sunday, August 16, 2009

Seattle Shopping Spree

So in addition to meeting some of the other banded people I have met online or as my kids call them my 'friends' only where the quotes are they use fingers (who were veyr nice by the way). My middle daughter, Meghan, and I went shopping.

Meghan is very good at pulling clothes off of racks that I would never normally wear. In September I am going to present at a conference in Dresden Germany and found out on Thursday that my Oregon casual clothes are not going to cut the mustard at this week long conference. In addition to professional dressing during the day there are three dinners that I will need smarter clothes for.

We went to Ross (a discount designer outlet store) where I got a white Liz Claiborne blouse and Nordstrom and Macy's both of which were having sales. In addition, Meghan went through her closet and found me a couple of skirts that she never wears to pass down to me. I ended up with two skirts, three t-shirts, two tank-tops, one blouse, one pair of slacks all for about 100 dollars. The slacks were especially a bargain at $7.50 for really nice high quality ones. They actually fit and do not sag in the back like all of my other pants do now.

I will still need to find some combination of black sweater set to go with one of the two skirts (I might have something in my closet but have not looked yet.

It was fun to spend alone time with Meghan and she really helped me to find decent fitting clothes. I told her when we were done that she should think about becoming a clothing advisor (we walked by a bridal store and she looked longingly at the dresses). She would be great at helping people, especially larger sized people, in fitting into wedding dresses that look great on them. I am sure that job would pay no better than the one she has (call center at Virgin America) but She would be good at it. She is the Trinny and Susannah of plus sizes! ;)


Lonicera said...

Wey hey - have you seen Trinny and Suzannah then? I'd be terrified of them getting hold of me! If I was a fashion adviser to future outsize brides I would encourage them not to wear dresses which consist of bustiers with no sleeves. I can never figure out what on earth possesses them to choose these sorts of gowns...

Tina said...

yep we used to get them on BBC America over here-We now hove a US equivalent that is not nearly as good(as usual).

I would love them to take me shopping but I guess Meghan did almost as a good a job :).

It is funny you say that about the wedding gowns-Cinda and Grace and I were watching a wedding program on TV today and we all agree that the larger bride on the program just looking like she was gong to blow out the top!