Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Geocaching for exercise

Last night we went with some friends on a geocaching walk. There is this website (geocaching.com) that lists clues and GPS coordinates for thousands of good old fashioned treasure hunts. Some are difficult to find while others provide the coordinates and a simple clue.

The four treasures we hunted out were all located less than a mile from our house. one was along the side of a busy street in a magnetic key box hooked up on a communications box and was just a log book for us to write down our name on a scroll of paper.

The second was in a nearby cemetery (with quite old headstones for Oregon dating back to Oregon trail travelers). Again this was a log book only treasure.

The remaining two treasures we went after we did not find!! Both were in a park. One might have been disturbed by construction. By the time we got to the 4th it was too dark to see anything. We will go back as I did not even know this park was there-Imagine that and so close to my house!-and Grace thought the toys looked like fun!

In the end we wandered around for about an hour and had a good time doing it!

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