Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This Weight It Is A Creepin and Hot Flashes

So much to talk about so little space. Today I am down to 233. Yesterday was a strange and good food day for weight loss. On Sunday I got all cocky and decided I was loose enough to carefully ingest 1/3 of a hotdog from Costco. Yeah well I was wrong. It was strange really because I think my stoma was OK with the thing it was my lower stomach that immediately said-"whooooah you don't eat hotdogs anymore and I will be damned if you are going to start back now". So after about 4 hours of just not feeling right and a couple of spits in the sink the hotdog made a reappearance (just how many euphemisms can I come up with for barf anyway???

This event apparently tightened me back up again and yesterday I was not hungry all day. I had 1 cup of my chocolate caramel protein drink, a slice of cheese and two crackers for lunch, and for dinner 6 slices of cucumber in vinegar, 1oz of teriaki salmon, 1 tempura carrot and one small dumpling (shared a bento box with my daughter at a local Japanese restaurant). Speaking of which-Japanese restaurants are good for bandsters. It was the smallest meal I have had show up on my plate in quite some timed and the meat was clearly separate from the rest so I could eat it first. Now I am not sure how sushimi would go down on a band but my husband raw fished himself for dinner (I took a pass---blech).

My nagging worry now is that if I am not eating a whole lot and I am losing weight what the heck am I going into the docs for a fill for...arghghghghghg They are so hard to get an appointment for and here I am now doubting whether I should get one. The appointment is tomorrow!!!

Ok I have held off on this conversation for a while as I worried that it might be too much information for everyone. I then got to thinking that if this blog is going to accurately document what I am going through during the whole bandy thing I guess I had better include it. I have not been squeamish about barf but apparently I am about the monthly bleeding thing but here goes....Apparently hormonal issues are common when you lose weight. I had my band surgery postponed 4 months because of excess (oh and I am being serious here) bleeding last May. Well this time it is not a bleeding to death scenario just a bleeding long term problem. I have had a slow period since July 4. Yep that is right-one month and one week. Yes it is starting to worry me. I have an appointment next Monday with a gynecologist. I called her receptionist yesterday trying to get in a tad earlier but apparently she is booked solid until then. I told her I had been bleeding since July 4 but she seemed unphased by that statement (do patients use that one to get good appointments? is it no big deal for a gynecologist's receptionist to hear stuff like that? Did she just not listen? hmmmmm).

From what I have read as your fat goes your estrogen goes with it (we apparently store estrogen in fat). I am not sure if that is the case here or if I am having the May problem back. Either way I suspect I am in for the big Menopause. I am up this morning at 7:00 due to the worst hot flash in my life (sweaty and I already had my blankets thrown off). Last May they gyno put me on birth control to help with all of this but apparently that has now stopped working and I am going to have to start looking into a plan two. At the time she talked about ablation (some sort of laser D and C). My General doctor highly recommends it. She says it is God's gift to womanliness :) Ok she didn't really use those words but apparently it takes care of the bleeding problem for good (no more periods)and I would be able to go off the pill.

I will keep you posted....

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Lonicera said...

You definitely need to get that sorted Tina, as much for your peace of mind as anything else. At least if they could explain to you exactly why this happens - I'm passed that phase, I'm happy to say, but remember only too well the endless problems I had (perhaps because I was always GAINING weight in those days...).
Will you keep us posted?