Sunday, August 9, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I never did get a chance to post again last week. We finished up a very rewarding week teaching. I survived the second week with my husband and daughter sharing my hotel room. They even cleaned up after themselves twice!

On the weekend we went the county fair. We were going to go to the rodeo but a massive thunder storm came through the fair and trapped us under a tent for 20 minutes. Hunger finally drove us out and we ran to the 4-H building looking for dinner. My anti-fast food 8 year old rejected all the food options in the 4-H building so we ran to the adult competition building but their was no food there. After these two stops the rain finally stopped and we were able to go back outside and Grace finally accepted a hot dog. Grace gets really grouchy (think devil child) so we got her fed first and walked back over to the rodeo grounds. We both found something at that concession stand but before we could take our seats they called the rodeo due to mud.

On Sunday we returned to the rodeo after they completely pulled the top foot of soil off the rodeo grounds and replaced it with dry dirt. David brought his camera and we got some great pictures. Grace who usually has a short attention span wanted to stick it out for the whole thing. David and I were ready to go long before she was. It was very hot and humid but we held on until the end when the girls did barrel-racing.

Tuesday night after work we all went an hour south of where I was working to a observatory where they had about 20 telescopes set up along with the big one that viewed through the move-able roof. We watched a slide show about the planets and space-y stuff we got to see through the telescopes and had a guy show us the various constellations with a very nifty super-powered laser pointer.

This is Grace launching a rocket she made at the conservatory during a day class. We went back later that night for the telescopes and show.

The rest of the week was work, dinner, perhaps a drive around town or paperwork in my room and then bed while Grace and David went fishing, boating, the movies, bowling etc.

We were going to stay over until Saturday but were just plain too tired on Friday evening and I was ready to come home to my own bed. We packed up and got home at about 11. After unloading the car and dropping everything in the front entry we crashed.

Yesterday instead of unpacking and putting away my older daughters (Nichole and Cinda) came over and we went down to the Portland farmers market. It was totally crowded but beautiful and full of awesome fruits and vegetables.

I am in the foreground and my husband, David, is in the background. We just parked and are walking on our way to the farmer's market (photo taken by Cinda)

Grant (my grandson) Smelling the flowers (photo take by Tina)

Some Vegetables (photo taken by Tina)

A really cool house that was in sad shape when it was moved onto the Portland State University (PSU) campus back in the lat 90s. As a graduate student at the 'other' state university I used to sneak into the PSU library to dig out journal articles for my dissertation. The library is just south of this building so over a couple of years I got to see it renovated into the beauty it is today. This is about as old as it gets up here in the northwest. The tomato harvest is in as can be seen in the second picture.

On our way back to the car with our loot. From left to right is Nichole (daughter age 24), Cinda (daughter age 19), Grace (daughter age 8). Grant (Nichole's son is flapping around in Cinda's arms)

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