Monday, August 31, 2009

Weight Loss Fairness Scale and More DIY

I lost one more pounds today. I think I hit a bit of a plateau as I had a really good week but the scale did not budge. I was finally getting a little mad at the scale. There is in my brain scheme a fairness scale and this week was off that scale. There is a rate of suffering food-wise with which I am wiling to put up with as long as the scale moves ever slowly down.

This week the scale was wayyyyy out of balance. Thank goodness my family is no longer enabling my food pitty parties as on about Saturday I started asking for an ice cream run. In the not to distant past my husband would have either gone and gotten the requested food item or taken me through the McDonalds or Dairy Queen drive up for an ice creamy treat. Well apparently since he sees my success at the end of this thing and is trying to catch up to my weight (he now weighs a whopping 4 more pounds than I do) he said, "no we dont want to do that". A compromise was a trip to Jamba Juice where I had a Mango Mantra smoothie with a scoop of granola and a scoop of whey protein. Less calories than the ice cream and a good 22ish grams of protein.

I think I need all of the protein I can get as my hair is falling out in clumps. next to 'my spot' on the couch there is hair all over the back of the couch, on the floor in clumps on the passenger seat of my car (I drive and pull hair on my way to and from work). Now I do not yet have scalp showing on my head as I had a ton of hair to start with but it is definitely thinner and has stopped growing. I can loop my ponytail four times instead of the two i started with.

On the Home fix it front I managed to tile my hearth this weekend but need to grout. We went and bought carpet and are having it installed in the bedrooms (the rest of the house is bamboo and tile now).

We have played this indecisive game between sell or don't sell for two years now. I have to say that now that everything is getting fixed up I kind of like my new house and want to stay but on the other hand we are torn between finding someplace in the country with space or an apartment where all of our weekends would be ours to spend at our leisure with no home fix it.

David's argument is to take a break of sorts by selling the house, reinvesting the money for a year while we decide on and look for exactly what we want and moving into an apartment. I lean towards agreement with him but after a look at one of the better apartments I find it hard to imagine giving up my brand new granite countertops and spare office that holds all of our plethora of crap to putting that in storage and downsizing.

Time is on my indecisive side as we have two gates to make, the laundry room to fix (floor problem, cabinets and paint), a small bathroom to fix (sheetrock, floor and paint), Trim to reinstall, the hallway to paint, the guestroom to finish (idea pic below), Kitchen trim to install, and a hardwood floor booboo to fix. That list is considerably smaller than it was at the beginning of summer but our bank account is considerably smaller as well :)

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Lonicera said...

I know exactly what you mean - the discomfort and the impatience can be tolerated as long as that little needle on the scales inches its way down STEADILY. When it sticks, morale plummets.
Shame about your hair - you have such nice glossy hair... what's the solution?