Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hungry or Thirsty?

Today was a work day. I got up and had my daily morning Diet Coke. I packed about 2 oz of cheese and 4 crackers and ate them on my drive south. I made the mistake of stopping into the talk some 'business' with one of the professors. I warned him that I needed to get lunch before my 1pm meeting but in the end I was out of his office at 10 minutes to 1 and therefore did not get my lunch.

My office-mate offered me my pick of his protein bar collection (he stocks them because he is a vegetarian and needs more protein in his day but he knows I use them to supplement my lack of quantity). So I picked out a nutty fruity bar thing because his super dense protein bars are kind of yucky. Well I ate it....then the meeting started......then I remembered that nuts do not sit to well in my stomach anymore. I have to say I almost made it through the meeting but eventually I had to excuse myself and rid my poor stomach of the now peanut-butter blocking my stoma.

After the meeting I was thirsty (nothing besides the diet coke until 3pm) so I went to find some water. a small bottle later and 3 hours of shooting the breeze with my office mate (mostly work related) and I was headed home at 6ish.

Now if you recall from my earlier posts my boyfriend McDonalds has always held an allure. Today even though I was really hungry (I think) I somehow drove past it, saying to myself, If I am really hungry I will stop at A&W before I got on the freeway (20 min down the road). I got there and said..Im OK Ill keep going and go to the next McDonalds down the road and if I am hungry stop...I did this all the way until I was about 30 minutes from home. I cracked but did so by stopping for a mocha frap at Starbucks. I could have turned right and gone for McDonald but I turned left instead...

By the time I got home I had a pretty horrific headache. I think it was a thirsty or hungry headache but I really do not know for sure because frankly I have never been thirsy or hungry that I know of....I always ate or drank when I wanted to. I always had enough stomach space to load up enough to get through a 2 or 3 hour meeting. I never would have gotten sick on a nut bar. Most importantly-I never would have gone all day without either food or drink like I did.

Ok, so I am well aware that I should have done a better job of planning (not my forte at all when it comes to eating or drinking). This result is a curious one, however. I remember growing up and everyone would say ..oh make sure your sister is fed as she gets grouchy. I know my own daughters' get headaches but I have never had that said about me because I have never, frankly been hungry or thirsty. I have needed a drink sure or felt that it was time for a meal....but never ever to the point that I was grouchy or had a headache or where my stomach growled.....

So finally my dilemma is I am not sure which it really was...hunger or thirst but it was something and at 10pm it finally eased off. I had a bit of cheese after and now I feel perfectly fine...weird but cool in a weird kind of way.

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