Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Year Doctors Visit

Grace and I went in to provide the research faculty with my data today. I am down 74 pounds, lost 2 inches in my neck and 16 inches in my waist. my resting heart rate is down to 58 and my walking recovery rate was spectacular as well. My fat percentage was well in the 60% range and now it if 46%. I answered a bunch of questions that were not valid to a band situation (and I told the researcher so). They had a whole slew of questions that were intended to rate my depression but they did not give me any place to say I feel better than I did before about various topics. It was a lame survey.

After this appointment Grace and I went downstairs so I could have my morning Diet Coke (I was dying by 9:00 am for the caffeine) and 3/4 oz. of cheese they gave me at the researchers office. I was allowed no food after 10pm last night so they could do a blood draw.

At 10:30 I saw the nurse practitioner. We discussed whether I should have a fill or not and she concluded that although I have lost a whopping 35 pounds off this fill since the end of May I have probably lost some of the fat around my stoma and a smal fill would not hurt. She gave me another .25 ccs. I am tight..I was scared to eat and just had a bottle of water and a mango protein smoothie at my local Jamba Juice until around 5pm. My stomach at that point got a clue it had not had any solids since 9am and started killing me. It was very sharp pains. At first I though to myself-Oh carp now you have done it. You got all gluttonous with the fills and have done some serious tummy damage. I tried a small saltine cracker and the stomach ache stopped. I went and added 1oz of cheese to my meal. It went O.K. apparently I am OK and although I can feel my stomach right now solid food will go through still.

wooooooooohoooooooooooooo 35 more pounds here I come!


Lonicera said...

Tina - warmest congratulations on this, you must be so pleased with your overall progress!
(Sounds like you've had about enough being prodded and pushed around medically this week!)

Simone said...

Your weight loss is amazing....really well done to you. I have enjoyed followed your posts.

And thank you so much for your comments on my blog, they have been much appreciated this week -and yes, they made total sense!

Very best wishes to you :)