Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fills Beautiful Fillssssssss

It has been busy busy around here. I have a list of tasks to get done for work. We are working on getting our hearth tiled (finally!). Cinda is getting ready to move back to college. I have a tight fill. and I had bad news from my gynecologist.

Work-The boss has been out of the country and my work-mate has had well problems so it has been difficult to keep focused on the tasks at hand. I have some articles to round up, an annual report to work on, a human subjects form to submit, and already written article to submit and another article to write. This will all be done before I leave for Germany on September 9. In a week I have managed to get the article submitted and that is it. I will be down at work tomorrow and plan on wrapping up the annual report and hopefully human subjects form.

The hearth-Back at the first of July I bought a gas fireplace insert to install in my family room. IN order to complete the task we needed to get an electrical outlet installed (done the same week I bought the thing) and then we discovered that our floor needed to be installed before we could do the hearth. Well that has been done since July 4. Since then the tiles have been sitting around waiting for us to get to them. WE have come up with a multitude of reasons (Including work) to avoid the task. Well last weekend we installed the foundation material and tonight as I type, David is cutting tiles. When he is done I will crack out the thinset and go to work on setting the tiles. It is looking good!

Cinda's move-Last year Cinda lived in the dorms at her university. Grace felt to insecure to move into Cinda's room and Cinda came home on most weekends so I pretty much left her room alone (The older two had their rooms turned into offices the day after they left!). This year my mother-in-law is coming for a visit on the 7th and Grace is adamant that she will be moving into Cinda's room. Right now both rooms are a mess. We need to change the carpets in both rooms and need to paint Graces old room (it is still the color I painted when she was born). It currently has a bright purple ceiling and lime green walls. This room will become the guest room and I think needs a good calm down. I am planning on installing wainscoting painted white and a paper bag color at the top-something like this picture.

I found this on a web search for ideas

Cinda has rented an apartment this year with a friend from school.She is in the process of scrounging all of the stuff she can get from me. I have a plan to give away a lot of my furniture so I can get new :).

I got a fill on Monday and wowee it is tight. I have had to really think about what I can eat and when I can eat it. My calories have gone way down again but I am tight enough that I could easily slip into sticking to soft stuff. I am really fighting against doing that and hope that I will loosen up with another 10 pound drop (hopefully before my trip).

I went into the Gyno for an ultrasound. Apparently my uterus is messed up from the four children and four c-sections I had in order to birth them. A D & C and all of its more modern types are out. I now need to schedule an MRI to see more clearly the lay of the uterine land and will decide whether I have to live with my current complaints for another 5 years (until menopause), have a hysterectomy or if there is some other option available.

I was very upset at first but there is nothing like a good fill and some more weight-loss to make a girl feel better :)

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Lonicera said...

Envious about your fill... I've had very little restriction for the past few days. What a busy life you lead! Isn't it at least good that you finally know exactly what's wrong with you (gynae wise) and the possible solutions? You should be losing lots of pounds in the next few weeks....