Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Schedulers Strike Again

So you would think I would have learned to check up on the schedulers at my surgeons office. They have screwed up my appointments before but no...i trusted them again to actually make the appointment they said they made. Well-in double checking my appointment time for today I found that The person...the @#$@$%^#@# person has made my appointment for next week despite having told her if I cannot have an appointment this week I cannot come in for two weeks. She said-you have an appointment next Wednesday at 11 She actually gave me an appointment in two weeks at 11am and Now I have to cancel it because i am out of town for two weeks and I will have to go yet another two weeks without a fill....I am steaming mad. Worse yet I am mad at myself for not double checking on the stupid woman. arghghghghghghghg

I will try and call at 8am but I find it unlikely I will get in.

I have not been very good and white knuckling my food intake-Despite that, however I am still holding at 240....Hopefully that will continue but making progress before I go to Germany in September would have been nice.



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