Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My stomach caught up and Dreams

So My stomach has figured out it is hungry again. Even as I sit my stomach is growling from hunger. I still cannot eat that much when I try (I even tried ice cream last night again and had a hard time getting it down). I am holding at 240 this morning.

Volunteering to teach the engineering class sounded like a great idea at the time but I Had nightmares last night that I forgot my supplies and we had nothing to do. It takes soooo many things for engineering. Now I remember why I Like math and English. The cleaner subjects...Pencils, paper and a few manipulatives. I am hauling in screwdrivers, broken or old cameras, dremel, clocks, pencil sharpener for them to take apart today, a pack of water bottles to turn into spinners, apples for snack. a sharpie to mark them, bolts for weight, string....arghg I know i am going to forget something.

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