Sunday, July 12, 2009

arghghghghghg I Hate My Husband!!!!!!!!!

He has some damned computer zen-I shall explain-

I just typed the post below. Blogger was behaving strangely and periodically showing auto-save error messages. I tried to publish the post a couple of times just to check that my laboriously written post did not disappear down the blogosphere and got a funky error message both times. I told my husband that Blogger was acting weird today and he promptly went to his blog and found no problems. I saved and posted a couple of more times and again error message. I then cut and pasted my post to a word document for safe keeping and my husband walked over to my computer and watched as I clicked the damned button again...well Mr. Computer zen who always blames me for any error or problem with computers saw me click and then saw the @#$#$# post work!!!!! arghghg

Although I am happy it worked It gets really irritating to have technology work by his mere presence. It is just plain wrong and evil!!!

bahahahahahahah-I got the error message on this post!! He saw it!! It did not work in his presence bahahahahaha-I am finally vindicated. He calmly (I never behave calmly when things don't work on the computer) and said--hunh they have a bug...

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Lonicera said...

I get that blasted message too, it makes me so nervous... And another thing that really annoys me about the blog software is that I can't so a neat job of uploading photo, putting caption and having typing appear looking natural next to it - it always takes a lot of fiddling about, and even then, in my latest post, I've got big gaps between paragraphs at the top, and normal ones at the bottom. In 'compose' mode they all look the same....