Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Filming In a Video Store Near You

I left my laptop cord at work last week. As I only go in once a week the last thing I wanted to do was spend the gas to go 120 miles back in just to pick up a chord. So I quickly emailed all of the files I could think of needing this week onto my old computer and attempted to make do for the rest of the week until it was time for another meeting.

Well the other computer cord bit the dust and quickly ran out of battery and I was shit up a creek with no computer and papers to correct, write and submissions for my yearly ed conference to prepare. (the cord died on Sunday). So at 5:40 pm we were driving around to all of the computer stores we could think of cord hunting for both my new and old laptop (cords have really gotten cheaper than they used to be!!)

so finally getting to the title of this entry-We ended up at Fry's (techy-nerd heaven and my husband disappeared from view in about 2.5 seconds flat). This disappearing act is a common one for him. Grace and I (and anyone else along for shopping) spend the rest of our time looking up and down the plethora of techy aisles trying to find him. Well on Sunday-in our search I happened upon one of those events that used to make me shudder...A video camera catching walkers by. Normally I would spot the thing ahead of time and jump to the other side of the aisle to avoid being caught on film. well this time in my quest to search out aisles I walked right into the path...I saw...I did not shudder in horror....I thought...BETTER!! I think this is probably a significant event. I don't look scary lumpy anymore.

On the fill front I have an appointment for next Wednesday. I am trying to figure out how much fluid to ask for. There is a person in the lapband boards (living quite near you actually Caroline)who said her doctor has her drink cups of water after a fill (mine does this) and then eat half of a yogurt. He used this technique to figure out exactly how much fill she needed. Apparently his strategy was the water should go through quickly but the yogurt should hold up a bit.

I am thinking of dragging a pot of yogurt with me and giving it a try---Do you think the nurse practitioner would think I'm a crack pot?


Lonicera said...

(You mean Caroline as in me??)
In Taunton where I go for my fills they put the needle in, fill you, then make you sit up with the needle still in, and drink a small glass of water. How fast you drink it and how much you manage to have tells them what they need to know. Last time I drank half and told them categorically that not a drop more was going to pass my lips of they'd have projectile vomit to deal with... I thought they were going to only let me have a quarter ml as a result, but I still got the half.
Thank you Tina for the very nice comment on my blog today. It's never occurred to me to wonder whether it was my ex-husband who had the problem. However it's not uncommon to hear women say they're not overweight because "my husband wouldn't let me". We need more US liberation here I reckon!

Nola said...

That is very interesting about the yoghurt!! Makes perfect sense to me....and I will now be taking a little yoghurt to Dr Dreamy's with me next time I go!!!