Tuesday, June 30, 2009

arghg-Stuck Scale

You would think I would get used to the fact that I lose in spurts. It never gets easier and I never gain patience. It has now been forever!! since I reached the 243 weight and I am still here bobbing around at it. Never below it always at it or just above it. I am still very tight..I still do not eat very much but here I stay. It gets sooooo frustrating that I could scream.

The good thing is that with the band the closest I can get to a bender is a face plant into some ice cream or buy a chocolate bar. I am frankly not interested in either of those right now (maybe the band working??). I just want the @#%$@$#^#$@#% scale to move.

On a good note-even with the weight i have lost thus far I notice that my activity levels around the house are increasing. I am not too tired to shift my arse and go out and do the yard, or paint, or clean. The down side is I don't want to sit around in this nice weather and work at my computer.

My goal today is to sit and correct the papers that came in this weekend (3) and then go off to the pool for the moms social hour (you take your kid to the pool and chit chat and knit/crochet/etc. with the other moms at the pool. I live in one of those neighborhoods where you pay a yearly fee and for the perk to have a park that runs in fingers throughout the neighborhood and in the middle of that park is a small outdoor swimming pool, gym and meeting space (there are downsides to this scheme but I will save the moaning for another post). The pool opens for open swim at 1:30 and Grace (m youngest) is happy to swim until 5pm. We are all getting super tanned as we go at least 3 times a week and sometimes for a while on the weekends.


Nola said...

The park sounds quite good.....but do you get much noise from it in your homes?
I hear your frustration at "bobbing" around the same weight for ages!!!

Lonicera said...

... and it makes you want to kick the wall when you've consumed a lot of low calorie fluids and (say) some potato or a piece of bread, and goodness knows what happens inside, but the following day the scales are up by about 3 pounds... and you know that all you need is patience for the fluid retention phase to stop and reverse, and eventually the scale will creep down again.
I've got sore toes from doing that...