Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Good Day

Today was a good one-

I cleaned, worked, ate and drank well. The exercise is still lacking but baby steps right?


I commute 1.5 hours down to the university where I work. I only go down once a week usually but my colleague at work decided that since I always do the driving that he would come up to my house today to work together. Well sometimes it is easier to commute down as I have to clean my house before it is habitable for company!! We are all slobs in the house and with all of the projects we have going at once (kitchen, family room fireplace, backyard fence) the mess is a bit greater than usual.

Well today the looming visitor forced me to do a mad clean. as a result I am now sitting in a tidier than usual house. It is amazing how much better and empowered a clean house can make me feel. Of course like food-losing a pound does not necessarily make me eat less when faced with a bit of cake-likewise the joy I feel at being in a clean house does nothing to make me stay on top of the untidiness.

--well for now it is clean and I am rolling with the joy.


My work colleague came over to prepare for a summer class we are team teaching at the end of July. Sometimes the two of us tend to go off task and talk about the metaphysical purpose of mathematics education in life and future research (I exaggerate). We managed to stay on target today and get the whole class planned, a short list of problems to give to our students and lay the groundwork for a presentation proposal for our big research conference in the Spring.

I love it when collaboration really works well and the end product is better because of the group effort. So often collaboration becomes a divide and conquer or veiled competition. This colleague and I work well together and what we have come up with will hopefully be a really good result of that work.

Food and drink

I skipped the fruit smoothie and instead had my morning dose of caffeine (I drink diet coke-dont throw things at me via the WWW). and took two prunes out the door on my way to my daughters swim team practice.

After practice my daughter is always starving hungry so we have an early lunch these days. I made grilled cheese again (I like it and she loves it). I had 1/2 a sandwich.

I drank 3 big glasses of decaf iced tea with frozen fruit used as Ice (I was out of ice). As a result my only afternoon snack was 1/2 cup of melted fruit.

After my colleague left it was dinner time so we went out to a local deli for dinner. I chose chicken and dumplings but it was more like chunky chicken soup in a clear broth. I had about 2 oz of chicken and two largish piece of cooked carrot and was full.

I just made a big smoothie to eat and put into calorie King to see how my calories (for the whole day and the smoothie). The smoothie-1 cup frozen fruit, 3/4 cup of milk, 1 banana, 5 animal crackers put in at the last.

The banana I think gives the smoothie a bitter and slimy consistency-I am going to skip it tomorrow and see what I get. The cookies are awesome! They add a crunch like a cheescake blizzard from Dairy Queen with only a 30 calorie addition.

In the end I ingested 750 calories today. The smoothie was the highest calorie meal of the day (but either the cookies or banana made it thick enough that it took me 30 minutes to get down. I had to stop 3 times for a break. My fat is high from the cheese but the protein levels are right on.

I do not know if I will do my calories everyday but it is interesting to see how many calories I am eating and the range-almost half as much today as yesterday.

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