Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Third Time is the Charm

I have started writing a new post three times and each time I had to run off somewhere before I could finish it sooooo here I am trying again after a 9 day lag.

I am currently sick with a cold/flu. At first I thought it was allergies and I carried on with my yearly sudafed treatment but last night a fever set in that send me shivering off to bed at 10pm. It is amazing how the draining snot is keeping me full! Yesterday I had two meals and had no desire for dinner and today I am eating my second meal of the day and will probably not have another. I have been trying to drink but have even had trouble with that.

I am also at this moment trying a regular sandwich for the first time since I was banded. I have eaten toasted ones but not a regular old sandwich in 8 months. It is going OK so far-1/4 of it chewed to death and down my gullet. The key I have been finding lately (but it might just be my fill level) is that if I chew and stop wayy before I get a full message I can eat a little bread. like right now for instance-I just took one bite past 1/4 of the sandwich and passed the rest off to my husband (who is gaining weight from all of my cast offs).

The past couple of weeks have been crazy at work. I have been in and out of town twice; driving to and fro to interview teachers participating in the grant I work on. I think I have clocked 1200 miles on my car for that, plus 300 going to and from work and then another 850 going to my nephew's graduation party on the weekend. Next week I have to go back over for another 600 mile round trip trek. I am sure ready for the term to be over and have a bit of a rest from it all.

I am still pretty tight but wiggling slowly down into the 240's. I sure miss the days of fast weight loss. I am assuming that once I get over this illness I will have put myself solidly into the 240 range and onward with the struggle to the 230's. I sooooo have to shift my arse and start exercising in a regular way. There is just no excuse for it. I have a perfectly good bike in the garage and a great walking trail behind my house but nooooooo I just watch everyone else walk and ride on it!

Just to tease you all a little-my daughter took pictures of me the day before surgery and tonight (post 54 pounds lost. I will, as soon as she emails them to me, post them on here finally!

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