Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


I lost three pounds (finally) yesterday. I hopped on my scale today and I am down to 243 yayyyyyyyyyy hoorayyyyyy...I thought that I had finally reached my husband's weight but alas no he is still skinnier than I am. I have been married twice and both times I have outweighed my husband. I know it is a silly desire but someday I want to weigh less...I have 9 pounds to go. If that doesn't get my arse moving and exercising I don't know what will. I have a dream that someday my husband will be able to carry me.

Bad-We have two kinds of flu in the house (I am hoping they are the same flu but manifesting in two different ways). There is the snotty flu- my oldest daughter, Her husband, My third daughter and I all have the snotty kind. It comes with snot, fever, a bit of upper respiratory angst and full sinuses. I have had it since Monday and am just starting to feel better and drain.....

The Ugly-

The second type of flu in the house is the barfy kind. My husband, second oldest daughter (who came for an ill-fated visit this weekend) and My grandson have this version. Besides copious amounts of vomit and poop (nothing compared to my measly band malfunctions) my husband seems to be a vomiting fainter. Last night as he embraced my kitchen sink making hideous gut wrenching noises I walked into the kitchen to offer to hold his hair (NOT) he passed out cold in the middle of the kitchen falling like a large redwood in a forest straight back. His glasses launched off his head right at me. as I dodged the flying glasses to make sure he wasn't going to go into some kind of a seizure (needless to say freaking out a little) his eyes popped open and he said,what??????

I said, "You barfed and fainted again".
he said, "I didn't barf did I?"
I said after checking the sink and floor, "no you didn't"

GEEEEEEEZ I am never going to let him stand to try to barf again!

This is his second barf induced faint so I know that he is not supposed to stand and barf and he knows it too---


Nola said...

You know...that is all I ever wanted to!! I just wanted to weigh less than my least so he had half a chance of picking me up out of a gutter if I fainted or something!!
I am sorry to hear you all have the flu...get well soon

Bunny said...

Hey you.... Did you realise that we BOTH weigh 243 pounds this week??? OMG, I think I got competition going on now my freind!!! :o)