Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Confession Time-Goodness Knows How Many Calories

I went off the diet deep end yesterday. I had a full day. A job interview in the morning. Home to gather maps and my tape recorder and then off to Central Oregon (4 hour drive) to interview two more of the students I work with for data collection. During this driving extravaganza I had an foody emotional lapse. I am sure it happens and I am trying to climb back on the horse today.

Breakfast-2 saltine crackers.

I get tired of the small portion sizes that I can eat right now. I miss my old habit of drive up window fast food meal and eat while I drive around on my trips over the mountain. Well bad voice in my head won and I stopped for a McFlurry (approx 400 calories) and a snack wrap (chicken, tortilla, lettuce). I ate the ice cream first (because It slips through my band and I can eat it all) and chased it with 1/2 of the snack wrap (that is all I can eat of one).

I went over the pass had a lemon drop at my first interview and then at my second had a diet coke and ordered soup (safe bandster food during and interview when I have to concentrate on the interview). The problem was that instead of a chunky soup It was potato water-there was nothing in the soup-just broth. I was of course hungry by the time I drove out of town from the last interview (not good). I stopped at dairy queen and had a second icecream chased by 1/2 a corndog (again all I could eat). I was then stuffed and did not eat another thing (I got home at 11pm and went to bed about an hour later).

I bet I ate 1500 calories at least and really did not eat that much (except for the quantity of ice cream)....so not good choices.

Today I was not hungry-and I am really gassy not sure why but I have been burping like crazy. For breakfast-1 slice of cheddar cheese (140 calories), mid morning low cal protein smoothy (180 plus whatever calories a scoop of whey protein is), lunch 1 cup of beef vegetable soup (120 calories), a chocolate bar (250 calories)

total-being generous about 800 calories. I didnt eat dinner because I wasn't hungry but I think I will go try and figure some thing out-I need more protein as I am lucky to have gotten in 22 grams right now. My doctors suggests 40 but I am not very good at skipping the stupid sugar items for nutrition.

Again I was driving all over the place with a full day-down to my university for a 9am meetings, a lunch meeting at another town and then home for an hour before I went off to play bunco. I got home around 10pm and I am sitting here feeling toasty tired. Tomorrow-the only sweets I am going to ingest are in fruit!!!

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Lonicera said...

Some days that craving is too strong, isn't it? I agree about long car journeys, and you've reminded me what a lot of fast food chains there are along the highways in the US - I wouldn't stand a chance!
Here the temptations tend to be confined to the confectionery counter at petrol stations, though the motorway service areas often have burger joints. Drat, makes me hungry just thinking about it...