Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sick Day

Today was a weirdly Ill day. Sometime last evening my stomach started complaining. Slightly upset feeling and just plain full with hints of pain. I came home from playing bunco and complained a bit more, finally going to bed. Around daybreak I woke up with the most agonizing stomach ache.

I have had problems with my stomach before. A few years ago I went through a period of indigestion/irritable bowel/gallbladder problems. The reason I gave a list is no one ever figured out what was going on despite scans, a regime of antacids, a gallbladder removal and stomach soothing meds. None of them really worked and I just got to where i Lived with the pain (usually made worse by high stress situations). The pain went away after about a year and I figured out that if I avoided eating anything rich at night I would not have stomach pain in the middle of it. After the band the problem went away-completely.

So back to today-I got up sat on the couch had a big burp and the pain eased so I went back to sleep on the couch and had the pain build up and burp out two more times. This of course made me afraid to drink or eat anything. I finally sipped a bit of water periodically throughout the morning and did my daily running around (swim team practice, community college for my third oldest daughter to buy books). At noon we stopped and I treated us all to smoothies (I had a protein one). and then came home and spent from noon to three laying on the couch in the living room while my youngest worked on some serious TV time. I had a headache, stuffy sinuses, a stomachache ....arghghgh I was too sick to move so just laid their staring at the ceiling.

My husband came home at three and I attempted to drink a few sips of Diet Coke (yep I drink it) and went shopping with him for household stuff. We stopped for some dinner and finally I started to feel better. I don't know if it was caffeine, food,or just the flu thing making an attempt to strike me down as it has with some of the others in the house. Or maybe just payback for the poor eating over the last couple of days.

So while laying looking at the ceiling all sorts of things ran through my head like-what if my band slipped? what if I have stretched my pouch? what if I really do have the flu and start barfing and mess up my band, what if I have had such poor nutrition that my body is breaking down....blah blah you know the drill the litany of hypochondriac-like fears that we get whenever we get any illness or condition that might have similar symptoms to a band malfunction.

arghghhhhhhh I hope I get over this soon! I think some early nights and on-point vitamin, water drinking, and good eating days or in order. Even if it is just a bug it can't hurt.

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