Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon

Yeah well remember when I said I had this eating thing licked and that I could eat the foods that I could not before...yeah well I was WRONG. Last night I tried to have a small piece of some leftover lasagna my daughter made. I ate about 1/4 of a cup (well at least that is what it felt like)....I thought I chewed. I thought I stopped when my stomach said stop. Apparently I did not chew enough or stop soon enough. Following Nola's definition of spew and vomit....I did both in a series of episodes at my garbage disposal. Oh boy did I get stuck. I assume it was pasta but it could have been olive or cottage cheese or mushroom or turkey burger (My daughter used it instead of sausage in the sauce). Regardless of the cause it was not something I want to do again and have vowed that lasagna will never pass these lips again (Oh crap--ive said never..I never say never). I feel fine this morning but haven't tried to eat anything yet.

So yesterday my food intake was:

Breakfast-one poptart (my daughter gave it to me and sadly I ate it)
Lunch-3 tater-tots with lunch, two bites of a turkey with vegetable sandwich on whole wheat bread
Snack on my drive home-3 more tater-tots from the leftover lunch I took back to my office
Snack-at the movies-1 cup of kettle corn
Dinner-1/4c of lasagna that i then threw back up.

Obviously I am gong to have to start thinking about nutrition a little more clearly-
with this lack of calories one would think that the weight would be dropping off. The inches seem to be again (all of my smallest jeans are starting to sag) but my weight has been holding at 247. It has got to move eventually (i say that about 10 times a day)


Nola said...

Lol...glad to be of assistance!! Looks like you might have to join me in the self imposed slushie week!! Will we ever get the hang of this?!

Reddirt Woman said...

Oh, my... I was holding my wounded rib side when I read this post. The idea of how bad it would hurt even without broken ribs was painful. Of course, to add to the misery in my mind is the fact that I have pukeaphobia... my term for fear of throwing up. I know that what you are going through has to be incredibly difficult and you are anxious for that dang scale number to start dropping, but after looking at your before and after photos from your previous post... all I can say is it's working, even with the stuck scale. Go by how you feel and how your clothes fit and maybe you won't stress over the numbers.

And thanks for sitting up straighter for me.