Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Phew--Hormone Swing Has Changed Direction

My starving day was officially over today and the tights returned. Was it because the scale hit 168? Was it because my ovulation finally ended? Was it because I hurt myself on all of that food yesterday? Hell if I know. Probably some convergence of the moon :)

Funnily enough it comes as a big relief. I knew that the quantity of food going down my gullet (that I was seriously compelled to eat like a starved lion) would come to no good. When I got on my trusty scale this morning and saw 168 I gulped and thought to myself. do my clothes feel? My knee socks were a little tight yesterday :). I did a mental check of my jeans (OK), my shirt (OK). How does my face look? Hands? Collar bones? All OK.

I went out for my morning coffee (yes eventually I will start making my own and stop providing Starbucks with all of my life savings). I had three pills to get down while driving and drinking (just my frapp) on the way to the knitting store. What can I say I needed yarn and a pattern for a friends soon to arrive baby. So I purchased, drove and attempted pills. It took a full hour to get my drink and pills down. There was the little break in the middle where I actually left it all in the car and shopped. This was the case before the big (well little really) unfill (UF) a couple of months ago. Since the UF I have been able to suck a coffee down pretty well.

Because I knew this meant the tights I was super cautious today. liquids and softies. I had another coffee in the afternoon and a portion of a banana. By dinner I was hungry (not before really) and I had some taco soup gumbo at a local burrito fast food place. It was good. I ate very little and gave the rest to my daughter. This evening I have had another frapp (yes an evil three coffee day) and I at a few sesame snaps I found laying next to my comfy chair.

You are correct-not the best choices today but I was safe. No PB, no stuckies. I figure it is a wash of good and bad. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?



Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Just crazy how one day you could eat a cow the next day... barely drink the milk!

Tina said...

hahah good one Tessie :)