Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Have Gas :)

I was woken rudely by the gas man this morning. It is hard to hear the door knock way up here in my bed. Most thunks I figure come from Graces room so I was surprised to find someone actually at the door. David starting calling every telephone in the house to insure that I actually woke up and answered the door. All our phones however were downstairs and I couldn't find my glasses...such a bother :)

In the end I did answer the door. The gas man ran around back and turned on our tap giving me just enough time to make myself decent. He then came back and checked that the stove was working, that the hot water tank was heating, that the furnace was turning on and finally...he fixed our fireplace (a gas one). I hadn't worked at all. He even showed me how it all came apart and let me clean the glass front before putting it back together.

I did of course fill him in on all of our complaints. He said he would sure find out what the deal was and that he figured they sent him to my house because he is more experienced than the other gas men...and more able to handle an angry customer. I of course said I knew he was just the messenger and I was really mad at the powers that shut us off. I also told him we had lodged a formal complaint with the public utility commission in our state...Of course we are screwed really because nothing will get us back the 5 days we went cold and had no hot water.

I gave my second midterm today (to my other math class). It went fairly well but I haven't corrected them yet :). I am going to miss the dears next term but am really excited to get the shop put together and see how it goes.

On the weight front-The shift to low carb has been absolutely impossible this last week. A girl with PMS and no gas need sugar..and chocolate. I had both over the last few days..(much to much of it actually). The scale however is still my friend holding just above goal. :) I am good with that.



Amanda Kiska said...

I filed a complaint about our utility company recently too and the state commision that handles that sort of thing was AWESOME! I hope they are able to help you too. That is so NOT COOL (litterally).

Happy belated birthday and Valentines! Enjoy the heat!

Sandy Lee said...

So glad you have heat again. Whoops, I mean glad you have gas :-)