Monday, February 20, 2012

Not Much to Say Here

I'm not up to much here. Just the normal work (I actually had to teach class while David had a holiday off!). It was quite weird because I am the one working for a government entity and he works for a big corporation. I deluded myself all weekend into believing that I would not have to work today but the academic calendar did not satisfy-I handed back hastily corrected midterm exams for one of my classes and discussed both the common mistakes and gave students a preview for the rest of the term.

I then taught my second class and scared them a bit by making them actually do some work and hand it in.

I then stopped off at my uncle in the hospital for a bit of a visit. He is much much better and headed back to rehab tomorrow with a plan to be on the quick recovery route to home.

My weight is on an upswing and I have been craving crap like crazy and not resisting much. My shoulder is at this moment and has been all week driving me insane. It hurts. It is food related most of the time but sometimes I wonder if it is more (not enough to actually do anything about it mind you :)...How long have I been moaning about my shoulder pain? Today for example I had two coffees, some shortbread and had every intention of ingesting something worth a darn when I got home but what was sitting on the counter when I arrived...why girl scout cookies of course-Thin mints. I have now eaten about 6 with a small glass of milk and that is it for my day (perhaps the vitamins I have been taking like a good girl will help make up for the utter crap).

Tomorrow I will eat something worthwhile I promise :)

I am off to bed-sleeping before 1am..yay :)


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