Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday is the New Friday

I am sitting during my office hour with no students. My mind is twirling with things. The most important of which is that this is my Friday of the week. Tomorrow Grace and I can dig in and really unpack some of the house and get more organized. I did manage to find some clothes and shoes that were missing but there are so many boxes stashed all over the house that it is a tip. In addition all of my cleaning tools (vacuum and broom) are at the old house for cleaning and my new one is getting dirty. My grandson had a heyday in the sandbox at his school on Tuesday. When I picked him up he deposited a pile in my passenger seat, a pile on the car floor and then another one in the entry way to the new house when I made him strip off before coming in any further. I have no broom sweepy.

My shop is currently a pile of boxes. It contains all of the finishing touches (pictures, lamps, bowls etc.) for the rest of the house. It also contains all of the sewing stuff not in our storage unit, a bunch of knitting stuff and the most scary part-David set himself up a desk right in the middle of it. He plugged in a computer and somehow thinks that this is OK. I told him last night that I would be renting a knitting shop if he didnt start dismantling his territorial takeover ASAP.

Somewhat funny things (these are funny to me but I don't think I am a very good comedic writer so who knows if they will be funny to you).

*Ok this one will put you in a camp based on whether you are a cat lover or a wildlife lover. Apparently right behind our old house last night a HUGE bald eagle swooped down and carried off a cat. I know...poor cat but Geezz....a bald eagle in the middle of a neighborhood? Freaky.

* My stomach made one of the really scary noises while I was teaching class tonight. You know the ones that they have on TV when someone is about to run to the bathroom with a case of the squirts. Mine was just the sound of 7-up going through my band of of course none of my students knew that and they could all hear it...They all started laughing at the sound. It happened twice more before I got out of class. My stomach has made noises before but this was a first for this kind. In fact...I didn't burp so maybe it was air going through?? I did crack a joke about how if I run from the room consider class over.

Band is back to normal today. Not too tight not too loose. I took my own advice and planned ahead. I brought some cheese, a diet 7-up and a few crackers to school with me. So far it is all good.

Happy Friday/Wednesday


Sam said...

Glad you could plan ahead with your food and didn't have to run from the class :o)

Chris said...

You sound like a fun teacher :)