Monday, February 13, 2012


So Friday we officially were put on some dead-beat list. It was a good Friday. Grace and I got a little scrappy over her room cleaning but we had had some relaxation time, we called out for an Indian food take-away and David brought it home. We ate and we were planning on watching a family movie with popcorn when...

I put the whirly pop onto the stove and click, click, click...there was a starter but no gas. Apparently our local natural gas utility decided that we needed cutting off. Friday at 7 pm had me on the phone with the "if you smell gas" man trying to figure out what the heck was going on. I found out all right. Apparently the management company who no longer own our home of just over a month decided to call and have our gas cut off. From what I understand despite the fact that we turned on the gas in July and had done same bill paying over the last few months our gas company decided the management company was the goto people for notification. The notified and then drove over and turned off the tap. We had no click click.

Of course being the lovely company that they are they decided to find enough man power to shut off our gas after 5pm on a Friday so that no one could even think about turning it back on until Monday (today). David phoned them this morning to get to the bottom of the problem and viola...they had enough power to turn our gas off on a Friday but do not have enough manpower to turn it back on again until Wednesday.

Sure..Portland is a balmy sort of place as far as Winters go but sheesh..not that warm. We are freezing. I am right this minute sitting in my comfy chair with my wool winter coat on and a blanket and socks. Where are my hot-flashes when I need them???

David said tonight that in the Middle Ages the poverty stricken would spend most of Winter in bed...Researchers thought it was because they were saving energy from a lack of food. David says he thinks it is because it was so flipping cold!! :) He then put on his flannel Jammies and crawled in bed.

Of course wouldn't you know-we still have heat at the old place ;) We might need to go camp out again!!!



Lonicera said...

Presumably you have electricity though?? Any fan heaters? It's making me feel cold just reading about your experiences. When it's that cold all I want is the electric blanket on full and me wrapped up in bed with a good book...
Unusual way to spend a birthday though... Are you enjoying it so far?

~Sandi @ This one time at 'band' camp... said...

Brrrr, stay warm! Cuddle up, it's V-Day! lol