Thursday, February 9, 2012

One Week- NSV-and Uncle news

I have been crazy busy this week as it is midterm and i had test practice sheets to make, midterms to write, Conference feedback forms to put together for each my 2 classes (I go through this with a second class next week with a totally different test and feedback form). and then conference for each of my 30+ students to hold (first class). I did about 20 of them tonight and will do the rest on Monday.

I am a bit of a freak for doing this conference thing but I cannot describe the impact it seems to have on students. They work harder, value the one-on-one time and start seeking out opportunities for help with me more than they ever would have if I hadn't made them sit down and talk to me for 10 minutes. I have also found that my drop-out rate (if they make it to midterm) goes down.

Another lovely bit of business was also completed this week (we took for flippin ever). We finally moved everything out of the old rental house and cleaned. It blows me away how we both managed to overlook entire cupboards of items when we both thought we had each checked them. We found two cupboards full of canned goods (not touched) and food in the kitchen freezer ( We were both shocked). We moved my flower pots and bird baths over to our new place (Oh I am not sure it will all fit.)

We have also been unpacking and trying to figure out how storage is going to work in this new place. On paper there is more space but most of that increase in space has gone to Graces room. Our closet is definitely more awkward than the last closet and David and I had a heck of a time figuring out where to put our clothes and shoes. I finally sorted much of it out by culling a bunch of stuff. Most of it was items that fit but just didn't look right on me or were slightly too big or too small and I didn't ever wear them. I did do something shocking...I threw out my fat pants. Yup...I decided I am never going there again. I have pictures of me in the fat pants. I do not really need the actual pants anymore (that is my NSV). I am moving on from that old me and closing the door.

Now onto my uncle. He went in for a doctors appointment yesterday and they were impressed with the progress he has made (he is walking around getting up and back into bed and so much sharper in the attention span area (his hospital brain is finally gone). The doctors have scheduled surgery to remove whatever remains of his cyst take care of any other problems he has going on. He will be back in ICU afterwards for a week an then back to rehab until he can go home (a limited amount of time this time). Finally he and my aunt can feel a sense of an end to their having to live here. My poor aunt has been camping essentially in a small motor home since September. My uncle has been in hospital beds. They both really want to go home and sleep in their own bed. They are both excited for the closure and scared about what is to come.

I am hoping to get more moving in done in the next couple of weeks and bring good news about my uncle. I will take pics (of the house not the uncle :)).




Lynda said...

Wow!!! Getting rid of the fat pants is a HUGE statement--I am so proud of you for being able to let go of the "fat" persona. Gosh, I got goose-bumps just reading about it!!!

Lap Band Gal said...

I am very impressed that you got rid of your fat pants... not sure if I could do that? I keep one pair as a reminder. Maybe I don't need that reminder? Hmmm..