Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am on the brink of another epiphany I think. News flash--your body talks to you :)...I know duh..right? So yesterday I wasn't hungry all day. I had plenty of things to occupy my time and mind so I just didn't eat. So then I come home from work and my Mon. Wed. night hospital visits and because I skipped food I was starving (not the tummy kind but the whole mind and head kind). I plotted on my drive home what I would have so 1. I would pick something with some vitamins and minerals and 2. something that would not sit in my stomach when it was time for bed.

Well....I hit the door and sitting right on the counter was an open box of thin mints. Thank goodness there was only 6 left. I grabbed them and a cup of milk and chilled with a totally inappropriate dinner. Just before sleep I had a small slice of cheese to appease my guilt. I do not think I have ever sunk this low before (not at least in my selective memory). Well low and behold guess what happened this morning. I am down three pounds. Nothing like positive feedback for a completely negative behavior eh?.

So what did my body say-I had hit a high of 167. My body seems to have settled into this range and shuts down my hungries (I am grateful for that). It still starts screaming when I am about to lose weight though. It always does so at night and send me into binges if I am not very careful. I battle it all of the time (or fail..most of the time).

On the good news front. I am taking my vitamins and in a month or so will do another blood test to check on whether my iron has improved. I am pumping up the D too. My attitude has improved for sure.

I have quit my teaching job for next term and plan on trying to get my sleep patterns, daily schedule and eating more regulated next term. I am so excited for Spring to return to Oregon and to get my exercise back on track, my knitting/craft shop open and life in some much needed sun :)

Now I am off for a manicure :) wahhooo.



Jacquie said...

Nice weight loss alla thin mints! I knew they were good for you,

Read said...

It really is amazing how clearly our bodies speak to us... the trick for me is remembering to listen.

Justine said...

Sorry for not commenting on your blog for such a long time; I've only just had the chance to catch up, so I'm really late here in wishing you a Happy Birthday!
Still very excited to hear more about the yarn shop. Have you got all your stock yet?

Lap Band Gal said...

Yay for vitamins! :)