Friday, February 24, 2012

Noisy Neighbors

I wonder how long it takes to get used to new neighborhood noises. Our bedroom faces the south. I love this from a sunshine perspective. I cannot wait until summer comes and I can again wake up to the sun streaming in my window (I leave the window coverings open just enough so I can wake up with sun on my face). There is a down side to this south facing position. Behind our new city in the burbs living is the grocery store, a kitchen and furniture store and a couple of restaurants. I have not yet figured out what night is dumpster night but it seems to be more than once a week! Last night was at least one of the dumpster nights. It took the driver what seemed like forever at a very noisy volume to dump a very full of bottles dumpster into the truck. It woke both of us up. David got up--since I finally went to bed at a lovely 3am I went back to sleep. argh...I need to relearn sleep.

We are settling in and I did a lot of cleaning and unpacking work yesterday. Pictures are going up. The shop is finally being cleared and my vision is starting to clear about how I will manage to fit it all together (not totally clear but getting clearer). I am still not happy with my bedroom arrangement but it will require a new much smaller bed so I am just putting the room on the decorating back burner for a while. All work is aimed on the knitting/craft studio shop. I am saving how to figure out getting stock until later. I have no clue how to do any of this (which makes it scary) but I know I can get it (even with a few mis-steps ehem learning opportunities) along the way.


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Ronnie said...

Uh-oh, hope that truck doesn't KEEP waking you up at 2:00 am... I know I can hear my garbage men long before they're actually at my house. Maybe you can get on the city's website and find the schedule and wear earplugs or something accordingly?