Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why Do I Never Learn?

Of course the tights have hit again and my brain has seemingly gone as well. I have been fairly careful. I had a bit of indigestion last night (a gift following an 8pm ice cream cone before I got back to my hotel). I was awake until 2am burping it and woke up off an on all night going back and forth in my head between the tummy troubles and phantom bed bugs that I imagined in the bed. I swear sometimes my imagination is just ridiculous. At one point I nearly jumped out of my skin when I thought I felt a soft warm lump move under the sheets (it was a lumpy sheet...nothing moving).

7:30am came way to quickly given my poor sleeping and I hopped on the New Jersey to New York City bus...a quick 15 minutes and I was in and walking up to the conference hotel (yes with a coffee stop). The walk took longer this morning than the bus ride.

I had my coffee and took my pills with no problem. I had a fiber bar (one of the lovely and delicious freebies stockpiled from BOOBS). I will give you a full name and review tomorrow when I dig the wrapper out of the depths of my purse. I went to lunch at a nearby deli and shared a rueben with a colleague (it was a stupid beast of thing and way to big for any human to consume..even two of us). I went for a walk around Central Park and then back for a second coffee and more conferencing...Note..all food items were fine even the somewhat fatty corned beef.

So dinner..yeah well dinner was not so good. Only one of the 4 women I was dining with knew that I had a band. Before we were done..well they all knew (I figured it was better than saying I had food poisoning). Anyway...I had a vodka and orange juice chased by three mozzarella cheese sticks. I picked carefully thinking these would be a safe-ish choice. yeah..not so much. I wasn't sure before we left the restaurant but you know..a good walk usually does the trick. not this time. I had to stop in a planter while my colleagues walked on and then again at a bar (thankfully I made it in and down the stairs in time). I felt better and we went to see Pricilla Queen of the Desert on Broadway and I did OK but by the time we got out of the show my tummy was complaining again (a bit odd now cause usually it is on with the stuck thing or off...not some wait and see place). I ended up ducking into another bar on my way (thankfully alone this time) to the bus station to go back out to my hotel. Finally I purged whatever it was offending my poor tummy or stoma and although I feel a bit acidy now I am doing ok (at 1:30 am this time).

So..What is the deal with that? I keep trying to be grateful for the episodic crisis stuck episodes but there are this one...when the embarrassment is a bit high. I know that this band keeps me from gaining weight. I know that if I loosened it I would likely gain at least 5 pounds. I know that most of the time I am just fine. It is just at these slap me up on the side of the face times that I question my restriction.

It is worth it. I did tell the women I was with about the band (and I always tell people who ask point blank). They were curious and nice about it all (they were all in medical related professions which helped).

Embarrassing to say the least however.

Oh did I say yet how much I love New York City? I do...stuck episodes and all.



Kiwigirl said...

I have been reasonably lucky so far, but I dread a situation like this where I am out socially - or worse still at a work dinner. I try to pick the safest food I can, and make sure I drink lots of water prior to eating - and then I keep my fingers crossed!

Lonicera said...

Tina, so what if you gain 5 lbs??? Your posts have regular stuck episodes in them, and I saw you in the flesh recently, and I know you don't need to lose weight. Why put yourself through all this? Just a thought... not a nag!!

Dawnya said...

Poor thing. I'm glad you were able to stop and get ride of that food. It's amazing that foods we think are safe come back to hunt us.

Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Tina said...

So my worry is that getting some fill out will just get me five pounds and I will have similar problems anyway Caroline.

I have had more trouble lately and was warned by the surgeon that I might need some out eventually. I will definitely give it a bit more time and then get some out if it gets to be too much.

Of course today I had no problems really. I am on the tight side but eat breakfast lunch and dinner just fine. (coffee for breakfast, a piece of quiche for lunch and salmon and asparagus tips for dinner.