Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mystery Solved

I had a second disaster day needing to run to bathrooms with colleagues ( I love making friends with nurses as they are so cool with something so small as a little throwing up). These women were also VERY interested and nice when I told them I had a band. I have just spent the last four days at a Grounded Theory research conference. Grounded Theory is a theoretical research method where you take a bunch of data (from interviews or any other place) and use it to figure out and document a groups main concern and then document a theory about how the group works to resolve the main concern. The conference is filled with people who study any kind of subject (nurses, psychologists, business people, educators, etc.). We just like using the method of data analysis. The people I do this research method with are the best...and the kinds of professionals I dreamed working with when I was a lowly grad student planning a career in academia. This dream was not realized in my field as I have found for the most part the colleagues I have ended up with (not all but many) have been very difficult to work with and the hyper competition, control and ego has been disappointing.

So I have 'retired' but these fine students and colleagues make me regret giving up higher ed altogether. I am scheming about ways to have my perfect working and business life..Oh no don't you worry the knitting store is still a go but I don't want to walk away from all these wonderful researchy people either.

Back to the band-So two of the worse tight days I have had in ages were Thursday and Saturday. I was truly thinking Sturday about how quickly I could get a little unfill and viola the problem became apparent. I have picked up some bug and am coughing with a stuffy nose. the flu/cold thing washed over me last night while in the coolest bar in the west village. The west village was a LOVELY place to visit and I definitely want to go back during my next New York Visit. I am taking it easy and only have liquids and medication today (tylenol and sudafed).

If the last few days continue in any way next week I am for sure going in for a little unfill.

The list follows of all the fun stuff I did and saw in New York-

1. found out one of my colleagues reads this blog (kind of embarrassing but cool at the same time).
2. Met with 20 of the smartest student theorists I know.
3. Met with four of the greatest experiences grounded theorists I know.
4. Walked in Central park
5. Had drinks, coffee and then lunch in the trump tower.
6. visited Tiffanys for the first time and bought a ring to treat myself, a necklace that matches for David to give me for Christmas, and Grace her first tiny little piece of nice jewelry.
7. Sat in a cool lounge bar in the West Village.
8. Hung out with three gals from Ireland and one from Australia who were so smart and fun. The Irish girls taught me that 'whats the crack' just means whats going on, 'Feck off' is not a dirty word and 'hurling' is a good thing in Ireland :)
9. Saw a film being shot on the south end of Central Park.
10. had warm Bailey's (very tummy soothing and tasty).
11. Saw a really cool and inexpensive hotel in the West village called the Jane-I will stay there sometime. It has shared bathrooms but they were immaculate (believe me I am picky).
12. Had a great hotel in Secaucus this time and rode the bus in to the port authority and out again by myself...was a bit scary at first but was also quite fun.
13. Found the New Yorkers are quite friendly and nice. Even bus drivers (i think friendlier than they are in Portland).
14. Starbucks coffee and service are much tastier and efficient in Portland.
15. I still LOVE walking neghborhoods in New york. The upper East side is excellent as is Hells Kitchen and the West Village.
16. There is still so much yet to be seen..I don't think I will ever get tired of that lovely town.



Lonicera said...

Love the Irish expressions you learned! "What's the crack" strangely is only said within UK by Irish people - (and probably Liverpudlians) but I've never heard non-Irish say it, except in Northern Ireland of course. (In my experience).
So glad part of your restriction was caused by having a cold, hope it lets up a little.

Cece said...

Glad you're having a good time and love the word: researchy :)

Read said...

How fun!!!

Justine said...

Glad to hear the 'over'-restriction is down to a cold - hope it lets up soon.

Sigh, you make me want to be back in NYC soooooo much. Perhaps we should have a B00B-related trip there soon!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Sounds wonderful, hope you feel better soon!

Amanda said...

I love NYC!
I love Tiffanys as well! Rare visit I get! Boo!

Going to look up 'Jane' too!