Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...

The good: I walked into my uncle's hospital room at 9pm and he said hello and was awake and perky. He still cannot talk very well with his breathing tube in but he communicated quite well with his face, eyes, hands and even attempted to note. It was great to seem him doing so well. There is one more week before they can really intervene but we will know more about the plan on Friday.

I did very poorly on my first math exam. The teacher said that my running out of time was no big deal and that it would all even out in the end. He then handed me the exam and it was horrible! I made a bunch of stupid mistakes, was just plain wrong on one of the problems and didn't finish two of them. each missed question dropped my test score by another grade....blech. Apparently I need to re-new my focus on that aspect of things.

Well the tightness of last week has transformed into an empty tummy. Today I was starving! I could eat anything that moves! My tummy is growling right now but of course I am scared to eat anything because it is bed time....going to go to bed to survive it I guess.



Lynda said...

Great news about your uncle!

Justine said...

Great news that your uncle is on the mend.

Not so great about the maths paper, but at least you know where you went wrong (that's got to help, right?)

I'm excited to hear more about your knitting shop plans. Could you also PM me your new address when you move in, please?

Amanda said...

fabulous news for your uncle!
Boo on the math test. At least you like math!!

I am starving today too!