Saturday, October 15, 2011

Skilled Shopping

David and I were blessed with a free Saturday. Grace left to stay the night at a friends and David and I debated staying home and getting some work accomplished...but quickly rejected that idea to go out and about Portland and shop.

When David and I were dating 11 long years ago we did a lot of shopping. We went to book stores, to technology stores, to furniture stores. We sometimes bought but at that time we mostly just looked and dreamed. We dreamed about a library, a house, and a life together.

Today we relived a bit of our dating days and skipped and dipped about town. We started our afternoon hopping down to the hospital to visit my uncle and take my aunt out to lunch and a twirl around an antique mall (she has been at the hospital and still has a long haul ahead of her as does my uncle). It was a totally cool antique mall and I got some great ideas for my future knitting shop. The three of us had lunch at the antique store deli.

We took my aunt back up to the hospital and took off for a look around Fry's (Davids idea of computer geek heaven). I do protest but always find lots of interesting stuff to look at. Today we found a USB car power splitter (so both David and I can charge our phones at the same time or charge and listen to music at the same time). I also got an external DVD player to hook onto my laptop and David got a new computer keyboard. We also picked up a couple of books on R (stats software).

We then went to Crate and Barrel (My top shopping choice). We had a look around and dreamed about what kinds of furniture might or might not fit in our house that seems to be never or ever?? closing. We then walked around the rest of the mall and looked at clothes, cookware, the Apple store, Saks etc.

We had dinner at a bar (had good food but most kids allowed :))...The bar had lovely Tapas. David had three and I had one and a nice Vodka and orange juice.

On our way home we stopped off at Barnes and Noble and did a bit more dreaming among the books. I looked at the small business section and the knitting section (of course) and David looked around the cookbooks.

We came home for a walk around the neighborhood and stopped off to peek in the windows of our 'house in waiting' to do some final dreaming about furniture and shop fittings placement.

Tonight we have had a sit around with a little Words among friend back and forth play on our laptops and I watched a couple of episodes of my new favorite series life unexpected (a netflix series find). I don't know what this says about my taste in TV as I have watched all of season one and didn't really pick up on the geared for teenage viewers thing. is about a teenager but I am much more interested in the sappy interchange with the parents and the unconventional dysfunctional family stuff. I guess I just like TV fluff? :) Anyway..I think it is really good.

All in was a great day.


Cece said...

Oh, that does sound like a great day. I am NOT a shopper but do like going browsing with the Professor. :)

Lyla said...

Ooh, sounds fun! How bad is it that the part that piqued my interest was the mention of R books? I did a web-based workshop on it in the spring but since I haven't done anything with it since then, it's like I've never heard of it :)

TheManInTheChair said...

I use R at work to perform statistical slap downs on less statistically competent colleagues. \

"You dolt! You can't assume a uniform p-value distribution on an SP800-22 LZ compression test. Idiot."

Tina said...

David seems to be able to navigate the program better than I do..I get bogged down on the programming stuff and then the stats..too much to pay attention too. I really need to now though because they took the stats analysis toolpak out of excel.

Amanda said...

What a fantastic day! My Chris and I did the same thing when we dated. His birthday is today and we will be celebrating on Wednesday by doing the same thing!

I also LOVE Crate and Barrel. Love it