Monday, October 24, 2011

My Coffee is Ruined!!

Remember when I said in my last post that the coffee in New York was not as good as it is in Portland...I came home and had a hot cup of peppermint mocha (cause Autumn is really here and it was fecking cold). Note the use of that non-dirty word my Irish pals taught cup of coffee was just as sharp as it was in New York. I think they have changed to a Winter blend and I for one don't like it. I might...get ready to hold onto something or sit down now....have to start making my coffee at HOME!!!

I will let you know how long I last and if, when i buckle tomorrow, it is still bad enough to put such crazy thoughts into my head.

The rest of the day was as usual my normal crazy whirlwind kind. I drove Grace to school, then went to the jeweler to get my newly resized wedding and anniversary rings back. I am now settled at a size 5 ring (I do love this yes I do). I also picked up some toys for my uncle to fiddle with in his hospital bed.

I then went down to school to take the test I skipped on Thursday. I thought I was doing very well but they stopped me 2 questions before I was done. I am not very happy about it and find it hard to believe that the instructor stopped my classmates on Thursday. I will talk to him after class tomorrow night. I studied my backside off and still didn't feel very comfortable going into the test. I will need to work harder I guess.

After the test I ran up to the hospital and with a mask on for germ protection visited my uncle. My aunt washed his new toys (a rubics cube, a koosh ball that lights up and an expando tube thing that makes noises but takes a little bit of muscle to pull open and push closed). Apparently providing small toys to patients in ICU helps them focus better and recover. He did seem to like the ball and made motions as if he were about to throw it. He did a bunch of passing it back and forth and when the nurse told him he should squeeze it to strengthen his hands he did. He also winked at me and mouthed a few cuss words at one point.

My uncle had to go in for some tests so I took my aunt out on a few errands, lunch and a quick stop at one of my favorite knitting shops.

I then headed home arriving just after she did and managed to spend the rest of the evening until just now (10pm), cleaning up the various messes the two of them made while I was gone, having a little hair coloring session with Cinda (we both used henna and I did not get any hives!!!). Prepping dinner for tomorrow, making Grace's lunch for school and finally cooking up a batch of cinnamon spice pumpkin seeds. I also organized Grace's notebook (her old system was just not working). Does anyone have any hints on how to get your 10 year old more organized???

I did not do my math work so will have to do it in the morning nor did I sit down or take a nap..or any of the things I wished I could do earlier today :(....I guess I will have to be satisfied with productive.

My band behaved herself today: breakfast hot peppermint mocha, Snack: A wee little candy bar, lunch: 1 cup of vegetable split pea soup and four bites of Marion-berry pie. Dinner: two small pieces of naan bread Pizza with spinach and eqqplant. Dessert: one garlic cheese curd and 1 cup of orange juice.

I managed all of my pills plus some sudafed and tylenol. I felt much better today and even better this evening. No upset tummy or too tight band at all.



Sandy Lee said...

Starbucks announced last week that they would be introducing a milder blend of coffee as people thought their coffee too strong or bitter. Perhaps they have started using that. Ask them if the coffee changed. I too have been all over and Starbucks coffee is the one thing that seems to stay the same wherever in the world one travels. I like deep, dark roast black coffee. But I do make mine at home.

Now go do that Math homework!

Amanda said...

mmmmmmm naan bread pizza and peppermint mocha.

Sounds like your uncle is making progress my dear! Good!

I am quite sure they appreciate you during this tough time!

Can't wait for you to knit me something! :)

Jay @ Finki said...

Followed you back from a comment you left on my blog and I'm glad I did. I love your honest stories about life with a band and your many adventures too ( : Jay x