Monday, October 10, 2011

Glimmers of Good News

1. I am not a particularly hard core US citizen. I do not hang flags by my front porch and I do not sing "Im Proud to be an American" for all to hear. I just have to say something about the Veterans Administration Hospital. I have been VERY impressed by the care my uncle has received during the last several weeks. The nurses not only have given him good care they have explained everything about his treatment to his family. In addition everyday teams of doctors come through and check on him. At least two doctors out of the team talk individually to us to let us know how things are going. There is a surgeon team, a renal team, and the general team who are all working together to coordinate his care. These doctors meet together and talk with the nurses taking care of him to discuss next steps, progress and concerns. In addition to all of this his family are invited to a family meeting every Monday to go over his condition and talk about decisions made and next steps.

On top of this stellar medical care the hospital staff just show they care about families. Today while my aunt and I were coming back from lunch his doctor stopped and talked to us again to update us on information that came in during the last hour. Just after that one of her old nurses from weeks ago stopped us to ask how he was doing and took extra time to ask how my aunt was doing. All in all the care that I have seen form everyone at the VA hospital has been well above the care I have ever seen at any other hospital and any care that I have received. Now I know that my uncle is very ill but man...this stuff is impressive.

(a bit of a soap box minute). The VA is supposedly the model the US would take on if we were to ever adopt any sort of socialized medicine model. If this is that model sign me up. I would jump in a heart beat.

Ok now the good news part...His condition is improving (finally). We are afraid to relax too much because things have been very up and down up until now but he had a scan that showed that the waiting is finally starting to pay off. He still has a long way to go but we are hoping that this news stays positive from here on out.

2. I am up 6 pounds. I think some of it is water and some of it is driving, not sleeping enough and overall not taking care. I might also be suffering from Chicago bloat from perhaps a drink or two, popcorn overload, and alcohol consumption. I a so grateful I was too full to eat any of the Ben and Jerry's :) Goodness knows how many additional pounds that would have added.

3. I have visions firming up about what I want to do with my life :) ...I am thinking knitting store. Have I already said this? Our new house allows commercial space in the basement. I love to knit...I am scared of the business aspects of it but I already have my creative wheels turning. I am anxious to have the stupid house finally close so I can firm up these ideas and attend to them more seriously. Best of all David likes the idea too.



Dawnya said...

I'm glad to learn that your uncle is improving. Thanks for keep ing us updated.

You can do anything you set your mind too. If it is a knitting store...then it will be a success. Just like you!!

Cece said...

Oh, those 6 pounds are a fluke ... They will be gone in no time.

Amanda said...

6lbs. Imposs!

That will go right away!

I would order some knittables from you!!

Lap Band Gal said...

So good to hear that things are improving.

Don't sweat those 6 lbs. They'll be gone in no time.


Debi said...

Girl ... when I win the lottery I am opening a yarn/knitting store! We used to have 3 in Fort Worth and now are down to 1, it is quite sad :( Good luck with the shop, I can't wait to hear how it goes!

And no worries about the 6, they will disappear soon enough.