Friday, October 7, 2011

Chicago Photos...Finally and Backwards from Sunday-Thursday

On Sunday Lynda and I took a cab out to the University of Chicago campus to see one of Frank Lloyd Wrights designs and all of the other beautiful architecture around campus. We took an MP3 tour first and then had a wonderful guide take us around the Frank Lloyd wright house. Both were excellent tours. We have a much later Wright designed house in Oregon and it was really interesting to see one of his really early ones to compare. Lynda kindly shared this photo with me...She is good don't you think?

Another photo by Lynda. I think this is the chapel bell tower and the one above is a tower on the U of Chicago seminary.

After a stop for lunch we walked over to the Museum of Science and Industry and out to the beach on Lake Michigan. This part of town is really lovely. The lake was very ocean like. There were shells and beach glass to pick up and a lovely calm set of waves to watch. Another picture brought to you by Lynda.
Another of Lyndas photos-This one is a lovely closeup of the beach on Lake Michigan. I picked up that cool piece of beach glass and took it home with me!
I took this photo standing in front of the museum of science and facing north. We skipped the bus for a ride back into town and took a little stroll over to this part of town. It was very residential but nifty to see.
The giant mirrored Jelly bean...Oh yes and I am there in front. Justine took this picture for me.
Jen at the meet and greet on Friday Night. She is the one who made my wonderful header above :)
From Right to Left: Justine, Catherine and I at the meet and greet. I had been drinking a little and cannot remember who took this picture.
More meet and greet photos from Friday night. Again from right to left are Read,Lisa, and Lynda my roomie.
At Frontera on Thursday. I sat next to Read (you can see half of her face here), then next to her was Deb who had the ceviche (and it was delicious cause she shared). Finally that is the wonderful Jen at the end.

Final words: I have tasted most of the items from the swag bag (protein bars, Pirates booty, Jenny Craig goodies, the Mary Kay Make-up, the lovely keychain and the luxurious pashmina). I have not yet had a chance to try out the protein drink packs yet. The protein bars were all very good and I have saved their wrappers to I can get them at home. I will post the names when I do so and even take a picture or two. I plan on ordering the head bands...they look totally awesome!

I am totally bummed I did not get a chance to talk to more people. The only flaw in the entire weekend was that there was just not enough time to talk individually to so many people who I have adored and followed for both a short and long time. I came to the BOOBS weekend with fears that I would not know someone who knew me or worse yet that someone I follow like a stalker would not know who the heck I was. I really don't know if that happened because everyone was SO Friendly! and nice! There were many times when the group thing was just too overwhelming and others that were just perfect.

I LOVED the city tour and Lynda's and my nerds visit the U of Chicago time. I loved shopping with Justine and a little drunken walk with Read. I wish that I could have seen Tessie Rose sing but am glad we at least got to chit chat for a while at the bar(s). I had a great time talking to Deb about Chicago and having a too late at night breakfast with (hmm I know Read was there and Dawnya...and I think um..well I had had a few drinks and I know there were way more of us than three but please forgive me my brain lapse.

Justine: I have not eaten the Fruit and nut yet but the peanut butter cup was hijacked by Grace. I only got 2 squares. She knew better than to put one little finger on my fruit and nut. She says thanks so much for the prezzies. She LOVED the keychain and book. I am still slowly reading the mags...thanks so much for them and the wander around Chicago!

OH..and Damn you Lynda for introducing me to that popcorn. It is gone and most of it went down my throat!! How can something taste so good!!! I had an awesome time on Sunday and cannot wait to go back to Chicago to see more. I will forgive you the popcorn because you were such an awesome roomie and tour guide.

I am sure there is more to say...and I will have to do it later. I will give you all the epiphany updates tomorrow :)



Lynda said...

I say damn to the 2-gallon bucket I bought "for Darrell." I've eaten almost the whole myself. Needless to say, the travel "bloat" is hanging on for a while.

I don't know how we managed to spend 4 days in Chicago and not get a pic together!--I can't find one anywhere.

speck said...

I appreciate the pictures being posted because I've never been to Chicago and I am seeing things I would have never seen. So thanks

It sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

I can only imagine 50+ women trying to get together for a weekend!

Maybe there needs to be a BOOBS "convention". lol

Cece said...

Jelly bean mirror thing-y = woman with skinny thighs ! You look great :)

Ronnie said...

I loved meeting you, even though it was only for a VERY short time every time we saw one another. We'll do a proper sit down next year!

Band Groupie said...

Loved the pics and the recap...too fun! I had such fun talking to I said, you were one of my 'unexpected' surprises...don't know why, but I thought someone in higher education would be quiet and reserved (OK, good for you for having the strength to quit and I know you'll figure it all out...I still don't know what I want to be)...anyway, you're too fun! Love ya!

Hope your uncle recovers soon.

Jen said...

This was so fun! I love seeing how everyone spent their time. WHAT is that face I'm making? Kinda hilarous. Next year I'm going to see that bean. I've still not made it down there. I think we need to schedule a group trip to the bean for a group photo.