Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Toes-day

I don't really have a huge amount to say today. i stayed home this morning (kind of my first real day of unemployment). I went back to bed after Grace and David left. Got up at 9am (yes i appreciated the decadence). I then went for a walk to get my coffee and then walked and took my pills until it was all gone.

I have been kind of sluggish and depress-y again but Cinda (nursing student daughter) suggested I get out and go for a walk even though the weather has turned cruddy again. Sooo..I took her advice and it really helped my day. I came home and did an hour super clean session before my first two students came for a math tutoring session.

I then had some lunch, did my math homework for my class and hit the road to get stuff for my aunt and go see my uncle at the hospital. My aunt had a window leak (it has been pouring buckets here). I went to the motor home supply store and got her some caulk and stopped at the hardware store for a caulk gun. I also picked up some sticky weather stripping in case the caulk didnt work. I also dug out a battery so she could get her radio working. After a gas-up and a double drive through for coffee (they messed up my first order!!!).

I drove down to the hospital and saw my uncle (he is much the same today but waking up a bit more). He is not happy about being on the ventilator and gets very agitated whenever he wakes up. This is a good sign but of course difficult to watch him struggle. I played the man and wrangled the caulk gun to seal my aunts motor-home window. It is quite fun to sometimes do all those things I usually pass off to David or some-other man to fix for me. The whole time I had visions of my uncle chewing me out because it is not a perfect seal by any means. It is however funny how I felt close to him in a sense in helping my aunt fix (no matter how crudely) her place to stay while he is trying to get better.

I took the bus down to the university to pick up my grandson and hang out for an hour in horrific rain. We both were soaked while waking from his daycare center to some other buildings on campus. I took him out for dinner here because after we could walk to my class without going outside again. We ate and then played with the shells, glass and rocks I picked up on Lake Michigan. He has a really good time sorting them and then pretending that they are little people.

I went to my math class and learned some cool mathy stuff and the walked out into the rain again to catch the bus back up to the hospital, my uncle, aunt and the parked car. A quick 20 minute drive home and I am now sitting in my robe with my soggy feet steaming in slippers.

All in all it was a good but sorta busy day. I dropped one of those six pounds this morning.



Justine said...

Glad to hear your uncle is improving. And well done on dropping that pound; I'm up 7lbs since I had my unfill two weeks ago - why is it so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose it?!
Glad Grace likes her gifts and that you've kept hold of the Cadbury bar - have you tucked in yet?

Cece said...

Sounds like a busy day to me (aside from that brief bit of decadence). Pounds 2-6 will be gone soon ...

Amanda said...

Very impressed with the fixing of the seal! I def. give those jobs to my husband!

I love the advice your daughter gave you about the walk.I think it turned your whole day around!

Those 6lbs will go. See..it's already 5!

speck said...

You know it's hard sometimes when we feel depressed to get up and actually walk. That's like the last thing I want to hear. lol

But it does help and you did a great thing for yourself when you took your daughters advice and did it. And think of the example you showed her.

I'm proud for you.

Ronnie said...

Way to go handling that caulk! ;) hehe

Ronnie said...

And glad your uncle is improving, that must be such a relief for your aunt. :)

Becky said...

Way to learn some mathy stuff, lol!