Sunday, May 29, 2011

Onward and Upwards

Things are good. I had a lovely mini-break in San Francisco at the conference I attended. It is the same conference I attended in New York this fall. Each year they hold it in the Autumn on the east coast and in the Spring on the West. The weather was partly rainy and partly sunny but provided enough sunshine that I was able to crack out my sunglasses once or twice. This work-related conference always revitalizes me and I Love the people who attend.

I have a sore backside from sitting in chairs all day at the conference. Do any of you have any post-weight loss butt-itis issues? It is seriously painful to sit for any length of time and as I type am shifting from once cheek to another wincing in pain.

Some of my colleagues knew me when I was at my largest and asked what I had done to lose the weight. I told them the truth and they were very gracious and asked just the right amount of questions. I even shared information with a few people who did not know me when fat. One person, who is a nurse, said.."I thought you had lost a considerable amount of weight" (citing my loose skin and chicken neck). She did not use those words (those are mine alone). She was very polite about it but shared with me how her sister had gone through bypass surgery and plastic surgery for skin removal. I am still not sure if I will ever pursue any skin tuck surgeries. Mostly I think no..but at times I wonder if clothes would fit better, or if I would feel better with a tummy tuck, or leg lift or arm work or even a boob job....right now it is still no but I continue to debate periodically.

I am a sharer..but really there is some sense of reward in being honest about this weight-loss method. This person lives in Chicago and said I should give her a ring when I am there. I didn't tell her about the whole BOOBS group but am thinking I will invite her for a drink in September.

I am still feeling good. I think I am over the hump and am vowing to simplify my life and get back to creating healthy boundaries. This whole thing is a process but one I am determined to master. :)

Happy Memorial day holidays everyone!



Lyla said...

Butt-itis! YES!!! It is so painful to sit in a chair now-- I get pain on my tailbone.

I'm glad your conference is rejuvinating!

Something About Kellie said...

I don't know if I'll ever suffer from butt-itis - I have some serious deriere going on, but who knows? maybe in the distant future!!

Glad things are looking up. I also find it easier and more freeing to let people know how I am losing the weight - I struggle with having to keep up a pretense and usually people can tell I am hiding something which I think makes me look shifty?!?


Stephanie M. said...

YES, I have butt-itis! I did a couple of blog posts about it: